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Goodwin Wallaker

Goodwin Wallaker is a skilled and multifaceted author, recognized for his outstanding work as a ghostwriter. His love for narrative crafting and his ability for engaging writing have allowed him to contribute to a wide array of projects. These include enthralling novels as well as intriguing articles and blog posts. In his role at Ghostwriting Founder, he persistently shapes the literary world with his significant contributions.

Tragedy Definition

Which Story Idea Best Fits the Traditional Tragedy Definition?

In the world of stories, tragedy is a genre that explores human suffering and tough choices. It has been around since ancient Greece. An old Greek thinker, Aristotle was one of the first to explain what makes a tragedy in his book “Poetics.” In the 21st century, the word “tragedy” still confuses writers and readers.

Narrators' Perspectives

Which Statement Is True About the Narrators’ Different Perspectives?

A narrator is the person who tells us a story. This voice of the book or a story is the narrator’s voice, and it doesn’t matter how loud, soft, excited, or calm it is. They’re showing us the way around the world they’re describing. What Narrators’ Perspective Think about how someone tells the story. They could

Indirect Characterization

Which Statement Best Describes How an Author Uses Indirect Characterization?

What Is Characterization? Characterization is how an author describes the characters in the story; this has two types: direct and indirect. Indirect characterization is when writers hint at a character’s personality and thoughts without telling us directly. Instead, they show us what they say and how other people react to them through words. Direct characterization

Read Fast

How to Read a Book Fast | Best Tricks to Help Anyone Read Faster

Reading is a fundamental skill that is crucial in our everyday lives. Whether for work, education, or leisure, reading efficiently and quickly can greatly enhance our productivity and enjoyment. When you read fast, you’re saving time and amplifying your capacity to ingest more narratives, concepts, and viewpoints. However, it shouldn’t come at the expense of understanding

Writing Experience

How to Write a Book with No Experience

Are you someone who enjoys books, and has it been a lifelong goal of yours to write your very own book but do not have writing experience? Making your own stories and characters come to life through a book is surely an enjoyable and creative way to express yourself. In this post, we will walk

Story Idea

How to Come Up with a Story Idea + Prompts:

Storytelling is a remarkable art form that has captivated and connected people for generations. At the heart of every compelling narrative lies a unique and engaging story idea, the seed from which stories bloom. However, with a few helpful tips and prompts, you can explore the world of storytelling possibilities. The Creative Process of Story

Transformation Role

In What Ways Does Transformation Play a Role in Stories Meant to Scare Us?

In the world of storytelling, the transformation role is very powerful, especially when it comes to scaring us. It’s like the key that unlocks the door to our deepest fears. There are different transformations in storytelling, and all have their respective way of shaping the stories to become scary. In this blog, we will go

Life Book

How to Write a Book About Your Life: 10 Powerful Steps

Life is a complex journey filled with highs and lows, lessons learned, and profound experiences. Each person has a unique story that can inspire, educate, and connect with readers deeply. For more on personal storytelling, see writing your life story. Imagine holding a book in your hands; not just any book, but the story of

Pacing Tension

How Do Authors Use Pacing to Build Tension in A Story?

Pacing is the secret ingredient that authors use to make stories thrilling and captivating. It’s like the heartbeat of a narrative, controlling when things speed up or slow down. Think of it as a roller coaster ride, with ups and downs, twists and turns. Authors use pacing tension to keep us on the edge of

Self-Help Book

How to Write a Self-Help Book (That Helps People)?

Writing a self-help book is more than just putting words on paper. Discover more about how to write a book with no experience. It’s about creating a resource that empowers and inspires readers to improve their lives. Whether you’re a life coach, a therapist, or simply someone with a compelling story to tell, these steps

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