How to Write a Book Press Release (Example and Template)?

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Promoting a book is an ongoing process, so book PR is important, even if it’s a new version of an old favorite.

But the most important thing about a good press release is that it gives much more information than just an overview of a book.

A lot of work needs to be done to get your books to sell out and be bestsellers. Aside from writing an interesting book, marketing is the most important thing. If no one knows about your book, how will it sell?

Of course, the first thing on the list should be a well-written book. The next few steps are all about marketing and the well-thought-out plans that go with it.

Steps for Writing a Book Press Release

Writing a press release is important in promoting your book to the media and possible supporters. It’s a brief, useful document that explains the key aspects of your book and aims to generate interest among writers, blogs, and other influencers.

Here is the exciting part; The Ghostwriting Founder has highlighted a few important aspects to follow. What’s most appealing is writing the book’s press?

Tell people why they should read your book and give them essential information.

1- Title and Subheadings

Look at the press release title as a news story. It should be short, interesting, and make you want to read more. If you want your book’s title to stand out and represent its essence in a few words, you must condense the story’s most interesting parts or its USPs into a single sentence.

Use language that evokes emotion or piques curiosity. Whether it’s suspense, excitement, or a sense of discovery, aim to create an emotional connection with the reader from the outset.

2- Brief Author Bio

It must be true and to the point, but it doesn’t have to be dull. Think about tone and perspective, coming up with new ways to say common things. If you can make a reporter laugh, you can get them to write about your work better.

If you send it to a specific writer or newspaper, you might want to stress facts about yourself that you think will directly appeal to them. “Hi, look, I’m the person your readers would love to know more about. “This is the main idea.

3- Three Important Sections

An Introduction:

Try to grab the reader’s attention, so make sure this line is strong and doesn’t leave anything. For fiction, the tension of the main story can be used as the hook. And for nonfiction books, you can use a problem-and-solution style.

Book Details:

You can go into more depth about how your book works. This is about the same length as a lift pitch. Explain what your book is about and what makes it special. Make it stand out so people want to read it.


Here is where you add your book reviews and recommendations to make the deal official. Use strong words. Well-known and respected people in the field make the best ones to add.

4- A Call to Action

Not including a strong call to action is like selling a lot of tickets to a speech and then not showing up or not saying anything to the crowd. People who read through you are interested in what you have to say.

Perhaps you want people to check out your author page, come to an event to launch your book or see something else about what you do as an author. Use top-notch and trending book marketing ideas to reach your goal.


Distribute the press release to relevant media outlets, book bloggers, and literary influencers. Consider using a publishing assistance agency or contacting individual journalists for coverage.

  • Media Outlets: Identify relevant newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites that cover books in your genre or niche.
  • Press Release Distribution Services: Consider using online distribution services to reach a wider audience.
  • Personalized Outreach: Reach out directly to journalists, bloggers, and influencers who may be interested in featuring your book.

6- Follow-Up:

  • Emails and Calls: Follow up with journalists and influencers who received your press release to inquire about their interest and offer further assistance.
  • Provide Review Copies: Offer to send review copies of your book to interested parties, including media outlets and book bloggers.

Book Template for Press Release

There’s a pretty standard way to write a book press statement that helps it get distributed widely:

  • The subject line should be 20 words
  • A subheading is not required, but sentence length is.
  • Place and time (include your city, state, or country)
  • The introduction should catch the reader’s attention and may include a problem-solution hook.
  • The author’s quotes should be strong; avoid weak, meaningless claims.
  • The author’s bio emphasizes one to two short paragraphs; each line must be powerful.
  • Use professional book writing strategies to include necessary information about the book.
  • Include links to your website, email, phone number, social media pages, and, most importantly, how people can get review copies.
  • It’s important to end on a CTA, so pay close attention.
  • You can add hashtags here if you want to, depending on how you use social media. You should only do this if they will be used, though.


Crafting an engaging book press release and successfully spreading it to media outlets and influencers are crucial steps in promoting your book and generating buzz around its launch.

To sell more books, you need to work smart, not hard. As an author, the best thing you can do is use the internet to your advantage. Build your author platform and get more people to know about your brand. It takes a lot of work, but your book press release and social media links will help.

Always track how people respond to your press release and adapt your outreach approach as required to maximize coverage and engagement.


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