Joe Pickett Novels in Order in 2024: A Precise Guide

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In the world of crime fiction, few characters have made as significant an impact as Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett. Created by C.J. Box, Joe Pickett is not only a guardian of wildlife but a relentless seeker of truth in a land where mysteries lurk in the shadows of the vast wilderness.

For crime fiction fans, there’s little that matches the excitement of discovering a gripping new series. If you’re one such reader, then allow us to take you on a guided journey through the suspenseful world of Joe Pickett novels in order.

The Ghostwriting founder listed all the Joe Pickett novels for your convenience.

Open Season (Joe Pickett, #1)

Opening our list of Joe Pickett novels in order is ‘Open Season.’ Here, we meet our hero, Joe Pickett; he isn’t your typical protagonist. Joe is a humble Wyoming Game Warden, a family man with a strong moral compass. The story begins with a bang when a local outfitter is found dead in his backyard. Struggling to uncover the truth amid the wilderness and rough populace, Joe comes face-to-face with a community riddled with secrets.

Savage Run (Joe Pickett, #2)

In the second of the Joe Pickett novels, ‘Savage Run,’ Joe Pickett stumbles into a deadly trap. As he investigates a string of strange cattle murders, he discovers a chilling conspiracy designed to kill off wildlife advocates. With breathtaking landscapes woven into an intricate plot, this novel takes the suspense up a notch.

Winterkill (Joe Pickett, #3)

In ‘Winterkill,’ Pickett battles winter elements and conflicting loyalties. When a controversial federal judge is found dead, Joe finds himself in the crosshairs of political intrigue. Amid the whiteouts and icy wilderness, Pickett must navigate a tangle of loyalties and rival agendas.

Trophy Hunt (Joe Pickett, #4)

‘Trophy Hunt’ takes an unusual twist in the narrative. Plains game animals are being found mutilated, raising panic in the Saddlestring community. Despite powerful forces trying to hinder his investigations, Joe remains doggedly determined, risking everything to expose the terrifying truth.

Out of Range (Joe Pickett, #5)

The fifth narrative of our Joe Pickett novel roundup is ‘Out of Range.’ Here, Joe grapples with a puzzling death and battles local corruption. Tasked with filling in for a dead-outfitter, Joe becomes embroiled in a world of illicit activities. The nefarious deeds of powerful men pose graver threats than the Wyoming wilderness.

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In Plain Sight (Joe Pickett, #6)

In ‘In Plain Sight,’ our protagonist finds a deadly adversary in his backyard. A powerful rancher’s daughter is murdered, and the main suspect appears to be an old-age pensioner. Joe realizes there’s more to this crime than meets the eye.

Free Fire (Joe Pickett, #7)

As we continue our series of Joe Pickett novels in order, ‘Free Fire’ presents an impossible case. A killer declared not legally responsible for his crimes returns to Saddlestring. When a new string of murders occurs, Joe must capture this killer again.

Blood Trail (Joe Pickett, #8)

‘Blood Trail,’ the eighth installment, has Joe Pickett entangled in a mystery where all clues point towards a seemingly impossible suspect – an endangered grizzly bear. As Joe races to find answers, he uncovers a dangerous opponent with a deadly agenda.

Below Zero (Joe Pickett, #9)

‘Below Zero’ takes our protagonist on a heart-wrenching chase as his foster daughter becomes embroiled in an eco-terrorist plot. As Joe navigates a treacherous path through the wild, he must outsmart unrelenting foes to save her.

Nowhere to Run (Joe Pickett, #10)

‘Nowhere to Run’ brings our chronological journey of Joe Pickett novels to a perfect tensed plateau. Joe is chased through deadly terrain by twins hell-bent on revenge. His survival instincts, wits, and determination have been ruthlessly tested.

For clubs searching for new book club books to feature, ‘Nowhere to Run’ offers the perfect blend of action, ethical quandaries, and character-driven storytelling.

Cold Wind (Joe Pickett, #11)

Next, we have ‘Cold Wind.’ When Joe discovers a man hanging from a wind turbine, it quickly becomes clear that this is no simple case of suicide. Digging deeper, Joe uncovers a tangled web of family secrets that could threaten everything he holds dear. This installment is a testament to the series’ blend of environmental issues and domestic drama.

Force of Nature (Joe Pickett, #12)

In ‘Force of Nature,’ Joe faces the re-emergence of Nate Romanowski, a figure from his past with a dangerous agenda. This twelfth edition deepens the lore surrounding Joe’s universe, introducing a conflict that tests the core of Joe’s principles and loyalties.

Breaking Point (Joe Pickett, #13)

‘Breaking Point’ challenges Joe with a moral dilemma that hits too close to home. A friend’s property is unjustly seized by the EPA, leading to a deadly standoff. Joe’s investigation uncovers a deeper conspiracy, and he must balance his duty against his conscience. This tale explores the limits of the law and the cost of justice, making it a cornerstone among Joe Pickett’s novels.

Stone Cold (Joe Pickett, #14)

‘Stone Cold’ introduces readers to the enigmatic figure of Wolfgang Templeton, a man whose influence extends into the depths of Wyoming’s high society and its underbelly. As Joe delves into Templeton’s world, he encounters a darkness that threatens to consume him. This novel is one of the series’ most haunting entries, demonstrating the versatility and depth of Joe Pickett novels in order.

Endangered (Joe Pickett, #15)

In ‘Endangered,’ Joe’s personal and professional lives collide disastrously when his daughter Sheridan becomes the target of a brutal attack believed to be linked to a local poaching ring. As Joe races against time to find his daughter’s attacker, he confronts an ugly truth about the cost of violence and the price of family.

Off the Grid (Joe Pickett, #16)

‘Off the Grid’ finds Joe and Nate Romanowski embroiled in a shadowy government mission that takes them deep into the wilds of Wyoming. Confronting a terror threat lurking in their backyard, they’re forced to reckon with the nature of freedom and vigilance in a post-9/11 world. This novel skillfully blends suspense with topical issues.

Vicious Circle (Joe Pickett, #17)

In ‘Vicious Circle,’ Joe faces the return of a vengeful figure from his past, determined to settle old scores. As the cycle of hatred accelerates, Joe finds himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse that threatens his family and community. This addition to the Joe Pickett novels in order explores themes of revenge and redemption, making it a gripping read.

The Disappeared (Joe Pickett, #18)

‘The Disappeared’ sends Joe on a quest to find a missing British businesswoman, only to uncover a plot stretching to Wyoming’s highest echelons of power and wealth. Navigating a maze of lies and deceit, Joe’s pursuit of justice reveals dark secrets that some would kill to keep hidden. This novel is a thrilling exploration of the abuse of power and the courage it takes to confront it.

Wolf Pack (Joe Pickett, #19)

‘Wolf Pack’ pits Joe against a new predator on his territory: a drone operator hunting wildlife, drawing Joe into a deadly conflict that escalates to unprecedented levels. As the body count rises, Joe must stop a killer who holds the power of life and death from the shadows. This novel tests Joe like never before, marking a high point in the Joe Pickett novels in order for its intense action and moral complexities.

Long Range (Joe Pickett, #20)

Capping off our guide to the Joe Pickett novels in order is ‘Long Range.’ When Joe investigates an attempted murder of a local judge, he ventures into a sniper’s deadly focus. With the stakes higher than ever and the aim lethal, Joe must use all his skills to solve the case and protect those he loves. This twentieth novel expertly combines suspense with heart-stopping action.


The series of Joe Pickett novels in order takes its readers on a thrilling journey across the scenic landscapes of Wyoming, embroiled in crime and suspense. As Joe negotiates the wild, he navigates the wilderness of human nature, where the most dangerous predator could be hiding next door.

Through these 20 novels, we witness the evolution of a character and a narrative that consistently elevates the genre. The journey reflects the painstaking process of crafting a book, wherein each detail is meticulously planned. For fans and new readers alike, this guide is a gateway to one of crime fiction’s most compelling series. So pick up novel #1 and get started.

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