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Those of you who enjoy reading, stop us if you’ve heard this one before: we need to talk about the mind-blowing book you just completed. Looking for more insights? Check out our guide on organizing a book launch party. How do you behave? Of course, you should immediately enter the boundless internet and look for the best book review sites

Another possibility is that after finishing a book, you’re looking for something to occupy your time. Consider our audio book services for a new way to enjoy literature. Perhaps you want more of the same, or perhaps you want to change things up with something entirely different. Additionally, you’ll probably search the internet for reviews and reliable referrals.

Fortunately, you can browse countless best book review sites and blogs. For more insights on book editing, explore our newcomer’s guide to being a book editor. Unfortunately, not all offer a broad enough selection to assist you. But don’t worry—we have ten of the best book review sites to satiate your inner bookworm.

1. Goodreads 

When talking about book communities, it’s difficult to leave out Goodreads. It’s among the best book review sites and the ideal social media site for book lovers. The short version is that you can use Goodreads to arrange, show, and interact with other users about your virtual bookshelf if you’ve somehow avoided discovering it up to this point.

The professional speech writers team shared experience that your stated interests determine the books that Goodreads recommends to you. From Celeste Ng to Bill Gates or any ghostwriting experts you might not know of can follow writers and book influencers here. You can do this to view all of their evaluations, which range from pithy one-liners to insightful analysis, and to follow the arrival of new reviews. Just glance at the book’s star ranking to reach a quick conclusion.

Goodreads also compiles lists of the top novels in each genre. Learn more about website copywriting tips and tricks to enhance your reading experience. if you enjoy browsing lists. To honor the year’s new releases, there is also the annual Goodreads’ Choice Awards, where you can cast your vote or browse the list of nominees to discover a new book to read. With a variety of commenting and interacting options, it is a website for all types of readers.

2. LibraryThing

Look at this to see that it’s an oldie but a goodie among online book discussion forums and catalogs. The fundamental features of LibraryThing are, of course, somewhat similar to those of Goodreads: there are millions of books available for users to add to their lists and evaluate with star ratings.

While LibraryThing’s user interface is reminiscent of the early days of the internet, it has a secret weapon that will appeal to all readers, particularly contemporary ones: their Zeitgeist.

From the most well-liked books to the hottest reviews—which you can also write with an excellent book review template—this page showcases the most recent, best-of-the-best content on the entire website. A quick look reveals that the readers here are skilled wordsmiths who can read between the lines.

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Therefore, LibraryThing is the website to browse if you want to read or exchange in-depth literary thoughts with other intelligent users. Even without creating an account, you can view it!

3. Reedsy Discovery 

Now, Reedsy Discovery has you covered if you’re looking for some undiscovered treasures to browse. Discover more about children’s book editor services for unique finds. Discovery’s specialization is independent publications, many of which are accompanied by brief reviews from knowledgeable reviewers. Our blog includes everything from classics to modern hits. There is no better method to widen your horizons than this!

Additionally, the growing reader community on Discovery allows comments, one-line reviews, and video reviews (calling all Booktubers! ), so if informal and imaginative reviews are more your style, you should celebrate. It’s an entertaining and engaging way to discuss your favorite books and find all the trendiest new releases you won’t find anywhere else.

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4. LoveReading 

Despite having a UK base, this popular website serves visitors from all over the globe. You can trust the reviews on LoveReading because it is solely a review site with a team of writers and carefully chosen contributors. The staff’s suggestions are endearing because they frequently share personal reading experiences in their reviews, giving the impression that they are coming from a close friend. They even offer you gifts if you consider freebies to be favors.

LoveReading offers books in every imaginable category. You’ll never run out of material to look over thanks to their list of features, which they offer weekly, monthly, and annually to keep you informed of the most stellar new releases.

5. The Millions  

Are you looking for reviews of intriguing, intellectual novels that delve into their themes, metaphors, and executions? The Millions is among the best book review sites that will take care of you.

These reviews, a group written by seasoned critics, are full of memorable quotes, elegant analysis, and numerous parallels to other works, which means more books to suggest! The Millions is the website for all your literary nerd requirements if modern and literary fiction is your go-to genres.

6. SFBook Reviews

Those who believe that abundance and quality cannot coexist have never read SFBook Review. The five reviewers on this squad have two crucial and common objectives. The annual influx of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror books is something I monitor, and I try to give as many of them thoughtful evaluations as I can.

Their judgments are very credible because this crew is an expert in each SFF niche. Even so, their reviews are approachable and intimate. They talk about other books similar to the one being reviewed and share their reading experiences to aid you in making your own reading decisions.

7. Book page

The variety of genres available on Bookpage includes everything from children’s books to nonfiction to website copywriting tips and tricks books, best-selling writers to up-and-coming authors, and much more. Their format is clean and simple; they bring you the books they believe are the most worthwhile. For a broader understanding, read about what makes a good children’s book. suggesting them by succinctly summarizing and commenting on the prose, the poetry, and the art.

In addition, the Book page offers articles and author interviews that explore the deeper themes and goals of particular works. This might be the ideal setting for you if you’re an avid reader looking for other people who share your passion.

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8. Book Riot

If you’re an avid reader, you’ve undoubtedly come across Book Riot more times than you can count. It’s not a site that reviews books one by one, but it does have lists for everything, from classic authors to the best books of each category. That’s all you need to know when starting a new reading adventure because Book Riot has a tonne of think pieces that explore the emotions different books elicit in readers.

You’ll be glad to know that Book Riot offers a variety of podcasts if you’d prefer to listen to discussions and evaluations rather than read them.

9. NetGalley

Another of the best book review sites that offer you fresh and unusual suggestions is NetGalley. They specialize in putting together readers who want to preview and offer their opinion to publishing writers. The books highlighted here are worth your time, even though the database is not the most extensive.

The book suggestion website Bookish, where the staff reviewers update you on their most recent reads and in-depth views on those reads, is where readers can most benefit from NetGalley. In addition, Bookish offers book club kits with comprehension quizzes and conversation starters to aid readers in their mindful reading.

10. BookBub.

While BookBub and Goodreads are very similar, explore our book writing services for a deeper dive into the literary world. BookBub places a greater emphasis on matching users with books that may interest them. This is one of the reasons why the site frequently features deals and discounts being advertised.

The author group on BookBub is quite large due to this promotional value. For instance, Gillian Flynn and Diana Gabaldon frequently suggest novels on their accounts.

So, this is a great website to explore if you want to travel with your favorite author. The one limitation of BookBub is that you must register to read community reviews, which are restricted to users in the US.

Main Attributes and Elaborate Information

Feature Description Unique Offering
Community Engagement Platforms that enable interaction among book lovers. Goodreads offers virtual bookshelves and interaction with authors and influencers.
Niche Focus Sites specializing in specific genres or formats. LibraryThing appeals to literary enthusiasts with a focus on in-depth reviews and its unique Zeitgeist feature.
Discovery of Indie Books Platforms highlighting independent and lesser-known works. Reedsy Discovery specializes in indie publications with expert reviews and a vibrant reader community.
Geographic Diversity Review sites with a global or regional focus. LoveReading provides UK-based perspectives, serving a global audience with diverse genres.
Intellectual Analysis Sites known for their deep literary analysis. The Millions caters to readers of modern and literary fiction with detailed critiques and references.
Genre-Specific Reviews Platforms focusing on particular genres like sci-fi or fantasy. SFBook Reviews is dedicated to sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, offering expert and relatable reviews.
Author and Reader Interaction Sites facilitating interaction between authors and readers. BookBub emphasizes connecting readers with authors, featuring book recommendations and deals.



No matter your interests, these ten best book review sites will help you discover your little group of like-minded book lovers. Let’s toast to stimulating TBR lists and satisfied brains!

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