Ways to Supercharge Your B2B Sales Pipeline with Chatbots

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  • August 13, 2021
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We are in the “Age of Consumer,” where a company’s success is measured by innovative ideas and methods to engage with their customer. The main idea is to improve the rate of conversation and to lower the quality of churn. These goals are pretty straightforward to read, but the hard part is how the B2B sales department should achieve them.

 Artificial intelligence and machine learning methods like chatbots have disrupted industries in various ways. Notably, in the B2B industries, the bots have given a new life to the B2B sales department. According to research, chatbots are so famous among B2B businesses that 70 percent of the companies are already using chatbots for their sites.

Suppose you want to know about how chatbots are modernizing B2B sales. First, you should know about the B2B selling process, explained through the sales pipeline and the sales funnel.

What is the sales pipeline and sales funnel?

A B2B sales pipeline is a graphical portrayal of sales opportunities in which all of the purchasing processes are done. The sales pipeline also shows the number of deals and how much they are worth.

The B2B sales funnel is a part of the sales pipeline as it is a graphical depiction of the customer’s journey. It is directly connected to the buyer’s journey stages. A buyer journey stage is divided into three stages—top, middle, and end. Your buyer enters your sales funnel when they visit your website. The second stage comprises the potential customer’s decision-making and comparing the price, and the third stage is based on purchasing your product or service.

B2B Sales pipeline and sales funnel both of the processes cannot be started without lead generation. Lead generation is defined as potential customers distinguished as they are interested in your product or service. Afterward, those leads are examined into how likely they are to convert into hot leads. The sales team then converts these hot leads into sales by offering discounts on their product or service.

If you are considering to take your B2B sales pipeline to the next level and work more efficiently with the chatbots, here are some tips for doing so:

Tailored welcome messages to support sales prospecting:

The most crucial key of B2B sales is an opening message. In this, a welcome message plays an important part. It is vital to engage the potential customer and establish the right tone from the start because it helps to unite the brand’s voice and select the customer’s right expectations. Delivering this voice through a chatbot would eventually humanize the whole customer experience and integrate the chatbot more closely with your brand.

Many brands give their chatbot name to make your potential customer aware that they are talking to a chatbot. You have to set the chatbot program so that while talking to customers, they are honest, and at the same time, they provide a friendly tone.

While making a tailored message for B2B sales, it is for the best that the greeting message should be convincing— I know that the opening statement is automated, it does not mean that it should sound like it written by an AI. It would be best to program that chatbot to always refer to your brand tone, and the consumer gets engaged with the message.

 Set the right expectation— you should let the customer know that they are talking to an AI to understand the conversational limits. But the chatbot should also be programmed to tell the consumer when they will get in touch with the live agent. Ask questions— Once you have talked with your consumers and told them about your discounts, you should ask different questions. This will maintain their interest and keep the conversation going on.

Weed out bad leads:

B2B sales journey of marketing to sales department requires many patients, probability, and dedication; however, the most relevant leads are the best chance for a high conversation rate. You must put your faith and time on the qualified information as they require less time than the unqualified leads.

The chatbot plays a vital role in this situation as it filters out the lead according to their rank and potential. The chatbot works simultaneously as it also fields requests and answers most of the questions. Likewise, it inspects the information through the inquiry process, and after the inspection, gives the score to the lead or known as a potential customer.

After this process, the chatbot filters the qualified lead and un-qualified lead as the chatbot provides the B2B sales team with capable information. Concerning this, the un-qualified authorities are held with the business’s chatbot until they ensure that these customers are now more established and ready to proceed further toward the buying process.

Real-time and 24/7 customer support:

Another important key factor for increase B2B sales is quick customer support. A chatbot comes in handy for many businesses regarding making the consumer perennially to the company. According to research, 85 percent of routine customer service questions are catered to by the chatbot. As a customer visiting your site, I would appreciate the quick response and performance of solving their quires.

B2B companies program their chatbot to pursue the customer to check out the company product or service. Also, it gives them a quick solution around the clock. This is an effective method, as the consumer or the user gets their query solved with the product or service without waiting for the live agent.

These AI chatbots also integrate with the live chat support team, which escalates the customer’s problems to the sales team. If this system is correctly set up, it assures a consistent supply of leads and promises your B2B sales pipeline’s health.

Likewise, if these chatbots are programmed in this manner, they will provide solutions that align with your brand voice. You can also perform beta testing to determine if the chatbot is making any mistake so it can be easily detected and rectified to make sure that these mistakes are not made when the chatbot talks to the customer do not make the same mistake.

Provide custom offers:

Another critical point to supercharge your B2B sales with the chatbot is to provide custom offers. When you use chatbots, the best thing is to use them for multiple purposes to measure customer expectations and mindset. The chatbot can examine a pre-chat survey, gather data according to the customer’s need, and provide them a personalized offer to prevent the customer from going away from the site.

In a pre-chat survey, the consumer must fill in some necessary information like name, email address, and phone number. The chatbot can provide them with the most appropriate material. Once you have enabled your pre-chat survey option on your site page. Those visiting your site would need to fill in some necessary information before they get in touch with the chatbot. This will help you easily distinguish the potential customer needs, route the chat to a live agent. Also, provide them with new and upcoming offers, and turn them into your potential customers.

Communicate in a customer’s native language:

According to a survey, 80 percent of the customer buys from a company that sells in the customer’s native language. Most of the businesses miss out on their hot leads as the only reason is that live customer agents cannot speak in the customer’s native language, so a multi-language chatbot comes into use.

Using a multilingual chatbot in your B2B sales department allows seamless communication in multiple languages and growing your target audience. Therefore, it prompts an extraordinary rise in approaching leads and builds interaction and conversation. Also, this likewise essentially enhances your competitive advantage by giving more customized client support to abroad clients.

Promote self-service by integrating a knowledgebase:

Another critical factor in increasing your B2B sales with the chatbot is integrating the chatbot with self-service knowledge. According to a survey, 70 percent of the customers say that they would prefer to solve their problem independently before they talk to the chatbot or live customer agent.

If your website has the option of self-service, then integrate them with the chatbot to direct the user to interact with that content.

Nowadays, self-services are that 95 percent of the customer would prefer an online knowledge base. If available on the internet and customize it according to their requirement.

Likewise, integrating a knowledgebase with your chatbot will help you distinguish the most frequently posed inquiries and help the clients get data straightforwardly from the chatbot as this puts data in a centralized position likewise lends to the purchaser’s client experience and causes them to advance somewhat down the B2B sales pipeline.

Essential Elements and Detailed Insights

Feature Functionality Benefit in B2B Sales
Personalized Welcome Messages Tailoring initial interactions to engage potential customers and set expectations. Enhances customer engagement and sets a positive first impression.
Lead Qualification Using chatbots to filter and score leads based on their potential and interest. Improves efficiency by focusing on high-quality leads, saving time and resources.
24/7 Customer Support Providing round-the-clock assistance for customer inquiries and support. Increases customer satisfaction and engagement, leading to higher conversion rates.
Custom Offers Analyzing customer data to present personalized offers and solutions. Enhances the customer experience and increases the likelihood of conversions.
Multilingual Communication Offering support in various languages to cater to a global audience. Expands market reach and caters to a diverse customer base, improving inclusivity.
Self-Service Integration Incorporating a knowledge base for customers to find solutions independently. Empowers customers, improves efficiency, and reduces the load on customer service teams.
Continuous Improvement Regularly updating and testing chatbot functionalities for optimal performance. Ensures a high-quality customer experience, maintaining brand reputation and trust.


While you are looking for multiple methods to optimize your sales pipeline, many other valuable tools are available at your disposal. One such tool is a chatbot. Chatbots help you engage, converse, and generate more leads. Adding a chatbot lets your customers stay on the hook.

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