11 Best Places to Sell Comic Books

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  • January 19, 2024
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If you have a stack of comic books gathering dust or want to part ways with some of your treasures, selling them can be a great way to share the joy of comics with others and make some extra cash.

In this blog post, we’ll break down some easy-to-understand information about 11 places where you can sell comic books.

1. Heritage Auctions: The Auction House for Comic Lovers

Heritage Auctions is like a big store where you can sell your comic book creation. They have a fancy online website and are famous for selling high-quality comics. Remember, when you sell, there are some rules and fees, so check those out.

2. MyComicShop (Lone Star Comics): Comics Sold Online

MyComicShop is a website where you can sell comic books. It might not have the fanciest look, but it’s easy to use. They buy single comics or whole collections; you can contact them by phone or email.

3. Midtown Comics: Your Friendly Comic Store

Midtown Comics is a cool comic store in New York, but you can also visit their website or use their app. They buy comics and other cool stuff. If you have questions, just get in touch with them.

4. ComicLink: Another Place to Auction Comics

ComicLink is another online place to sell comic books, like Heritage Auctions. It’s been around for a while and has a good reputation. They have rules about comic book making, so please read the instructions before listing your book.

5. WhatNot: The App for Selling Comics and More

WhatNot is like an app store for selling comics and other cool things. People like comics about characters like Venom or Thor here. You need to show them your social media and online store profiles to join.

6. Sell My Comic Books: Easy Selling Service

Sell My Comic Books helps you sell comic books for a good price. You just need to tell them what you have, and they’ll contact you. They usually pay through PayPal and can even pick up your comics.

7. GetCashForComics: Turn Comics into Cash

GetCashForComics promises to pay you nicely for your comics. They take individual comics or whole collections. Just email them or call them to discuss what you want to sell.

8. Dylan Universe Comics: Sell Your Old Comics

Dylan Universe Comics is the best place to sell Comic Books. You can email or call them about your comics, and they’ll make you an offer. They like comics from before 1980.

9. SubZero Comics: Fair Prices for All Comics

SubZero Comics is interested in buying entire collections, even from the 80s and 90s. You can call or email them, and they’ll come to you to pick up the comics and pay you in cash.

10. Superworld Comics: Sell Comics from the Past

Superworld Comics is a company in Massachusetts that wants to buy comics from a long time ago, especially from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze eras. You need to contact them first with your comic list and some pictures.

How to Grade Your Comic Books Before Selling?

Before you decide where to sell comic books, assessing their condition is important. The grading process involves carefully examining your comics and categorizing them based on their wear and tear.

1. Condition and Storage:

If your comics have been hiding in the attic, give them a thorough check for tears, wear, and overall damage. Comics should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place, possibly wrapped in protective plastic. However, this may not always be the case.

2. Evaluating Your Comics:

Examine your comic book from every angle, open it on every page, and check for torn or missing pages, loose pages, marks, highlights, and more. After an initial look, go through a more detailed inspection. Even slight discoloration can impact the value.

3. Comic Book Grading:

  • Mint: Comics in mint condition look brand new, without any signs of wear.
  • Near Mint: Slight signs of wear are present but minimal and not easily noticeable.
  • Very Fine: These comics show love and care, possibly read a few times, with minor wear.
  • Fine: Clean and without creases, but small noticeable signs of wear are present.
  • Very Good: Carefully stored with noticeable wear.
  • Good: Well-read, with visible signs of wear.
  • Fair: Obvious signs of damage, but still readable.
  • Poor: Comics in poor condition are unfit for sale, as severe damage, aging, and wear make them less valuable.

Tips for Grading:

  • Use Good Lighting: Proper lighting is vital to spot any imperfections.
  • Handle with Care: Always handle comics with clean hands to avoid transferring dirt or oil.
  • Refer to Grading Guides: Online resources and grading guides can help you better understand the nuances of each grade.

Additional sites

Here are some additional sites you can check to better understand the worth of your comic books:

1. Alibris:

Alibris is an online marketplace where you can find various books, including comics. Check the listings (for instance, best Pokémon books) for similar comics to gauge their prices and demand.”

2. Amazon:

Amazon Book Publishing Services is a well-known e-commerce giant serving as a platform for buying and selling comics. Explore the prices of comics similar to yours and consider customer reviews for additional context.

3. Abe Books:

Abe Books specializes in rare and collectible books, making it a valuable resource for assessing the value of your comics. Look for listings that match the titles and editions of your comics.

Use their valuation tools to get an estimate of the fair market value of your comics.

Tips for Utilizing Additional Sites:

  • Compare Prices: Look for similar comics on multiple platforms, such as Ghostwriting Founder, to compare prices and better understand market trends.
  • Consider Condition: Take note of the condition of the comics in the listings, as this can impact their perceived value.
  • Check Completed Auctions: Assess the final prices of completed auctions to understand what buyers are willing to pay.


Selling your comics doesn’t have to be hard. There are many online and offline places where you can find new homes for your beloved comics. Just choose the one that feels right for you, and happy selling!

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