Best Sales Funnel Practices That Will Transform Your Business

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  • August 5, 2021
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Having problems creating a sales funnel that works? Don’t feel sad; you are not alone! According to research, 70 percent of the businesses do not have a defined funnel to generate leads, 72 percent have to distinguish or measure their sales funnel, and 75 percent of the company sees lead generations as one of the biggest marketing challenges.

What is the sales funnel?

We can define sales funnel as every step that an individual has to take to become your client. It exists in a retail store, sales teams, websites, emails, and personal consultations. In some companies, the marketing channel can also be a part of the sales funnelYour funnel must be spread across several other channels.

To explain this terminology even better, let’s take a real-life example from the brick-and-mortar sales funnel.

Let’s consider a clothing shop. The people walking outside your shop are at the top of the funnel. The people walking outside are both potential and non-potential customers. The potential customer decides to come into your shop; that is the next stage of the funnel. The potential customer goes to see the rack of jeans on clearance. After going through multiple clothes, he finally selects six pairs of jeans and makes his way toward the checkout. They are in the last step of the funnel. If everything turns out alright, the potential customer will finish their purchase and reach the end of the funnel.

Various best practices for your sales funnel:

Building a sales funnel is just more than using a funnel template. The whole process can be overwhelming. This is the reason why it is one of the biggest challenges for most companies. But, some companies have mastered their sales funnel.

Now then, let’s get to some best practices to help your business turn its sales funnel into powerful sales machines.

Analyze your audience behavior:

As mentioned by book marketing experts the more you know your audience, the more efficient your sales funnel becomes. By the audience, I mean that you are not considering everyone when you are marketing. You are only marketing to your target audience or say that you are marketing to those you think are the best fit for your product.

There are multiple sites on the internet in which you can create your account and start creating snapshots. Through these sites, you can monitor your site’s activity and determine how people engage with your site— on which product, service, or article the consumer clicks on? It tells when the consumers are most active. How much time do they spend on a specific page? All of the data you will collect will help you develop your website according to the consumer personas.

Tweak your headlines:

You have heard the phrase that people judge a book by its covers. The same goes with the business industry, as most people consider the product’s value by its headline. Making unique headlines have a lot of positive affect on your sales funnel. When brainstorming headlines for your product, you can look at your competitor or other companies’ headlines.

To make a compelling and engaging headline, you have to follow some steps — first, keep your headline short as maintaining a long headline would eventually bore your consumer before they get to the next step and lose their focus.

Second, make a headline that is eye-catching as you come up with some attention-grabbing headlines, as when your consumer reads your headlines, so without a second wasted, they will visit your page.

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Build a Landing page:

Here are a couple of things that you need to keep in your content strategy—Write a compelling and persuasive landing page copy. No matter in which sales funnel stage your buyer is at, your landing page’s primary goal is to make them buy from you. You want your potential customer to direct somewhere. Preferably, you want them to be on your landing page where there are offers that they cannot miss.

The landing page should not be sales-oriented. Instead, your landing page should encourage people to make the visitor a customer. You need to focus on making them your leads; eventually, they will be your customer. Ensure that you have added a call-to-action 

Navigate your visitors throughout the sales funnel’s whole process so that they know what to do—the more self-explanatory your landing page, the higher the conversion rate.

Create an Email Drip Campaign:

An email drip campaign is an effective strategy for the sales funnel. You can do this by providing your leads with unique content with the help of email. It is essential to be regular but not as frequent as sending too many emails might go away. Sending two or three quality content emails per week is enough.

To build up a firm sale, you need to educate yourself first; I mean you have to study what your potential customer is asking from you and your product? What impediments and objections do you need to overcome to persuade your viewer to purchase?

After you have educated yourself by collecting all the data, it is time to act upon your drip campaign’s last stage by making an offer that the consumer cannot refuse. That means composing unique content and sending it through email, forcing your lead to buy your product.

Have flexible payment and shipping options:

A sales page is not optimized until you have an optimized sales funnel. According to research, 75 percent of potential customers will buy from you with more shipping options. To optimize your sales page and whole sales funnel, you need to provide a flexible payment and shipping option. 

You can offer multiple payment options such as PayPal, Debit card, credit card, Payoneer, WhatsApp payment, and much more. The more flexible payment options you will provide, the more probability that consumers will purchase from you.

Likewise, checkout page optimization is equally important. Most customers do not purchase, and a long list of information is required to complete the purchase. So you have to keep the checkout page layout up to two to three clicks.

Key Characteristics and Profound Details

Strategy Element Technique/Approach Impact on Sales Funnel
Understanding Your Audience Analyzing audience behavior and preferences through data. Enables targeted marketing, increasing conversion efficiency.
Compelling Headlines Creating short, attention-grabbing headlines for products. Enhances initial interest and engagement with potential customers.
Effective Landing Pages Developing persuasive, non-sales-oriented landing pages with clear CTAs. Facilitates lead capture and guides prospects through the buying process.
Email Drip Campaigns Regular, value-driven email content tailored to leads’ interests. Nurtures leads through consistent, informative communication.
Flexible Payment Options Offering multiple payment and shipping methods. Reduces barriers to purchase, increasing sales conversion rates.
Streamlined Checkout Process Simplifying checkout to require minimal steps and information. Decreases cart abandonment and enhances customer experience.
Ongoing Engagement Maintaining contact with existing customers and new leads. Builds loyalty and encourages repeat business, expanding customer base.

Keep in touch:

When you are generating new leads, keep your existing customers in mind. You can do this by reaching both new leads and existing customers with various mediums.

Creating and optimizing sales funnels is a tough job and consumes a lot of time. However, it is the only way to stay ahead of everyone in the competitive market.

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