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So, if you have searched for Charleston and want to know all about him, this article is perfect for you. The Ghostwriting Founder brings you this detailed biography of Mr. White.

Charleston While is a notable American figure hailing from Texas. He wears many hats, including YouTuber, motivational speaker, social media influencer, content creator, and entrepreneur.

And we will be digging into all of these aspects of Mr. White’s life. So, let’s dive deeper into White’s story. We will cover everything from his net worth, birthdate and height to his career and biography.

Who is Charleston White?

So, let’s first learn about who is this person you just searched for.

Charleston White stands as a prominent figure in the realm of public speaking and social commentary. He’s renowned for his thought-provoking insights into various social issues and remarkable ability to captivate audiences. People like Charleston for his honest approach and fearless tackling of controversial subjects.

White comes from Dallas, Texas. He has faced many tough challenges in his life. He’s been through things like dealing with the law, not having much money, and dealing with racism built into our system. But he uses his own experiences to show the hard truths that people in marginalized communities go through. He wants to ensure people know about these issues and work together to improve our society.

White’s Early Life and Birthdate

Charleston was born in Texas, USA, in the early 1970s, but the exact day and month of his birth aren’t widely known. In 2023, he’s around 53 years old, based on available information. Charleston grew up in a Christian family and started schooling at a local school. After that, he studied at Texas Wesleyan University, as mentioned on his LinkedIn profile.

However, Charleston’s teenage years were marked by unfortunate choices and involvement in criminal activities. At the tender age of 14, he was entangled in a crime that led to a significant prison sentence. Yet, Charleston decided to transform his life for the better within the confines of incarceration. During that time, his strong determination and deep self-reflection would play a vital role in shaping his future in extraordinary ways.

Charleston White’s Past:

Charleston White’s life took a tragic turn when he was involved in a crime that led to the death of Michael Levy. At a young age, he and two other boys committed theft from a Foot Locker store.

Michael Levy bravely attempted to stop them in the parking lot during their escape. Sadly, Charleston and his accomplices shot Michael during the altercation, resulting in his untimely death.

Charleston White Height & Weight

His physical appearance matches White’s magnetic personality. He stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and weighs around 70 kg (154 lbs). Charleston’s charm is highlighted by his inviting black eyes and fashionable black hair, which add to his overall attractiveness.

Although we don’t have exact measurements for things like his body size, dress size, shoe size, or biceps, what’s clear is his confident and captivating presence that lingers in one’s memory.

Charleston White Career

Charleston’s professional path is truly exceptional. He’s famous for making captivating content and having a strong online presence. His YouTube channel, boasting over 123K followers as of July 2022, has left a significant mark. People are drawn to his motivational speeches, insights into social matters, and engaging personality.

There have been rumors that Charleston has worked with famous rappers and singers, which has expanded his influence in the music industry. If you check out his LinkedIn profile, you’ll see he’s also a motivational speaker. This means he’s good at inspiring and motivating others.

Charleston didn’t stop there. He started something called “Hyped about HYPE Youth Outreach.” This is all about making a positive difference in the lives of young people. He’s passionate about helping the next generation.

You might have noticed Charleston endorsing various products on social media. With a sizable online following, he leverages his platform to discuss and back different brands. His primary focus is his internet career, which allows him to continue positively influencing the lives of his followers and viewers.

Charleston White’s Net Worth

Charleston has achieved success on his YouTube channel and in his own businesses. Apart from his online work, he has started his clothing brand and website. As of June 2023, he’s estimated to have about $1.5 million. This money comes from different places, and it helps him stay financially secure and keep growing.

Charleston White’s Time Behind Bars

Charleston served a sentence at a state school from 1991 to 1998 as a minor when the crime occurred. Importantly, authorities found him guilty of murder under the state’s laws, making him one of the first kids in Tarrant County, Texas, with such a conviction.

During his sentence, Charleston resided at the Giddings State School near Giddings in Lee County, Texas. This facility operates as a juvenile detention center under the management of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, and it became the place where Charleston White spent several years as a consequence of his actions.

Controversy & Latest News

A recent controversy involving Charleston centers around his appearance on The Danza Project podcast alongside Brittany Renner. The podcast episode took an unexpected turn due to Renner’s behavior, characterized by wild and unpredictable actions.

Renner, known for her controversial and explicit online persona, has been in the spotlight due to her messy breakup with NBA player PJ Washington, the father of her child. She has faced allegations of financial manipulation and trapping him for money.

During the podcast, Renner engaged in a heated argument with former boxer Shannon Briggs, leading to her throwing a water bottle at him in response to his laughter over her childbirth story, which she had shared earlier.

Notably, she even gave Charleston, a comedian and former gang leader, a lap dance after he made a suggestive comment about her condition. This unusual episode continued with Renner pouring water on White and the show’s hosts. Throughout the interview, she twerked, used strong language, and raised concerns among fans and viewers about her mental well-being.

Main Attributes and Elaborate Information

Aspect Details Remarks
Early Life Born in Texas, USA in the early 1970s. Grew up in a Christian family. Approx. 53 years old as of 2023.
Education Attended local schools and studied at Texas Wesleyan University. Overcame challenges in teenage years.
Career YouTuber, motivational speaker, social media influencer, content creator, entrepreneur. Over 123K YouTube followers as of July 2022.
Physical Stats Height: 5’8″ (173 cm), Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs). Known for his magnetic personality.
Net Worth Estimated at $1.5 million as of June 2023. Income from various sources including online work.
Legal Challenges Served time from 1991 to 1998 for a crime committed as a minor. One of the first minors in Tarrant County, Texas, convicted of murder.
Controversies Involved in a recent controversy on The Danza Project podcast. Incident with Brittany Renner and Shannon Briggs.


White’s story is just one example of how social media can unite diverse personalities and lead to unexpected twists and turns. In the digital age, these platforms offer individuals like Charleston the chance to connect, engage, and share their experiences with a global audience. While controversies may arise, they also provide a space for people to voice their opinions, entertain, and inspire. As Charleston continues to make waves on social media, his journey reminds us of the ever-evolving nature of the online world, where surprises can spring up at any moment, captivating the hearts and minds of millions.

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