How to Become an Independent Author?

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“Self” Publishing is a misnomer–it implies that we do it all by ourselves. “Independent” also is a relative term. Become an Independent Author or publishers are moderately autonomous because we hold our publishing rights and authority over our book creation and distribution. However, publishing is consistently a team collaboration.  

Become an Independent Author

This has always been the foundation stone for an independent author: how to become an independent, non-mainstream author, you should realize that you have an authority for Publishing rights, and you know about their worth.  

Independent authors esteem their creativity and control. You hold your publishing rights and fit over your book creation and distribution. You may enlist author support or team up with a permitting organization or publishing that appears to be beneficial in an innovative, coordinated effort between the two.

Some people use the term “Hybrid Author,” describing the writers who want to become independent authors and self-publish their books through trade or self-publishing platforms. It is believed that the word “indie author” explains the writer who aims to become an independent author.

So what does it take to become an independent author? Yourself will become an independent author if:

– You self-publish a book of yours.

– anybody allow yourself the creative freedom for your books, from the concepts to book completion, throughout the marketing and the promotions.

– You need to see yourself as the creative director of your author business. In any partnership, you will have to negotiate, whether it is a paid service to become an independent author, the trade publisher, or the literary agent’s help. You would see yourself as the creative director and the rights holder to be known in the payments, terms, and conditions.

– You will be proud to become an independent author and will carry that self-respect of yours to all your partnerships, negotiations for the benefit of all writers along with yours.

What is the difference between a self-publisher, becoming an independent author, an author-publisher, and an authorpreneur?

The following terms are used for the references:

The Self-publisher: an author who has published a book for their expenses. Self-publishers range the full scope, and some publishers publish a one-off book for their family and friends to the most entrepreneurial and productive authorpreneur.

Author- Publisher: An author who self-publishes to sell their books, who takes publishing a bit seriously, wants to get to as many readers as possible, establish and grow a profitable author-publishing business for themselves. Independent authors wish to the creative freedom and control of self-publishing and choose the most appropriate publishing services for each book project.


any author that is making a living from self-publishing books and associated services and products. There is a particular category for such author-publishers.

Publishing services:

 A service that takes care of some or all publishing processes at the author’s expense. Services have the scope to become an independent author, from one-person freelance operations, like designers or editors, to self-publishing services that control everything for a fee, to the trade publishers that have licensed rights. Payment to a publishing service can have three various forms: A fee. A royalty split or percentage payment. Rights licensing, investment in designs, editing, and marketing in return for a much smaller royalty or an advance on royalties. When payment for the services is of the third form, you can call it trade publishing, known as “legacy” or “traditional” publishing.

Trade Publisher:

 A business that buys the publishing rights from authors and takes care of the publication for their books in return for a large percentage of the profit.

Independent Author:

 Small publishing company which, as the big conglomerates, commissions books from authors and publishers at its expense, not the authors. If they are minimal, they are called micro publishers.

Authors who are unaware of the advantages of becoming an independent author often unthinkingly assume that getting a publisher’s interest is the best way to publish. The truth is that all of this depends: on the book, on the author’s willingness to become an independent author, and on what is being offered.

Why are more writers choosing to become independent author?

The Author-publication served only a minimal number of writers before digital technology had enabled print-on-demand and the ebooks’ direct distribution. This technology has, for sure, revolutionized the writing and publishing process. It simultaneously does more than three things that are very good for authors:

  • It provides a worldwide readership and does not confine to a specific region.
  • The books are available all the time. There are no out-of-print issues anymore.
  • It removed the need for a middleman, an agent, publisher, or a distributor.
  • It gives the reader the need to purchase the book as soon as they see or want it.

Creative Possibilities

As the creative possibilities raised by this revolution make them feel that becoming an independent author is a pathway to attract more and more readers.

How can you become an independent author if you are under the control of Internet giants?

The easy way to throw the shackles is to become an independent author-publisher.

You can have complete control over your writing, publishing, potential income and start thinking hard to get the Kindle eBook sales.

The antithesis to becoming an independent author or a publisher is not having control.

There are so many more opportunities now for writers and authors to break out. At first, all you have to do is let go of the misplaced belief that these companies are trying to help you. Their own priority is to make money for their shareholders and not for you.

Publishing Services

These publishing services or retailers should not abandon the sales of books and eBooks. It would be best if you considered looking for a small press or an independent press with your published works. The traditional publishing way is quite challenging. Finding literary agents and publishing houses is a complicated task to do. But there are a bunch of Independent publishers now that are bringing the change to the publishing industry.

Becoming an independent author opens the door for you to much more potential income than just getting your books sold or published. Why would you restrict your writing of eBook fiction when there are opportunities to create a business from your writing? Everything that you need is a website. Then you can start making money from writing your blog, a journal, magazine. Getting Website hosting has now become very cheap.

You can easily add an e-commerce store on your WordPress site to sell all of your books and eBooks. You can use your website for any product or service you might think that you can offer. The only thing you need to change is your mindset that the blogs are not everyday dairy. The blogs are only about self-publishing. It gives you the platform and medium to deliver valuable content for your readers. Then you can create an income-earning publishing business. You’ll get to become an independent author. 

You could choose any genre that you like. It could be health, lifestyle, writing skills, photography, cooking, gadget reviews, or any other topic. Then you can start creating a profitable, monetized platform for those blogs. 

Becoming Successful

The key to becoming successful in the field of blogging is to be passionate about what you write. There are almost as many ways to become an independent author and generate an income from publishing as there the topics. The most straightforward means is to use Google AdSense. Whatever means you choose to become an independent author or earn money from your writing, there are two essential ingredients. One of them for you is to build a professional and detailed website. The second is to publish good, valuable, and informative SEO-filled content regularly that may attract and gain visitors and readers.

Yes, you are an independent author and a great writer. You can make some great content of your own rules and about how you use your writing to benefit you and your bank account. However, if you go for self-publishing, consider changing your thinking from being controlled to everything under control. Take your power back of the distribution of your eBook and book titles. Then build extra money-making chances for your writing and your independent publishing business.

Key Characteristics and Profound Details

Key Focus Description Strategic Considerations for Authors
Author’s Autonomy Independent authors maintain control over their publishing rights, book creation, and distribution. Emphasize the value of creative freedom and control in the publishing process.
Collaborative Publishing Though independent, authors often collaborate with publishing services, licensors, or other authors. Seek beneficial partnerships that enhance the book’s reach and quality.
Hybrid Authorship Authors who blend self-publishing with traditional publishing methods. Leverage the strengths of both self-publishing and traditional publishing.
Authorpreneurship Authors who build a business around their writing, involving self-publishing books and related services/products. Develop a business model that extends beyond just book sales.
Publishing Services Spectrum Ranges from individual freelancers to full-service self-publishing companies. Includes traditional trade publishers. Choose services that align with the author’s goals and budget.
Digital Revolution Impact Digital technology has democratized publishing, offering more control and broader distribution for authors. Utilize digital platforms to maximize reach and reader engagement.
Building an Author Brand Independent authors must also focus on building their personal brand and online presence, including through blogs and websites. This approach can lead to diversified income through advertisements, e-commerce, and other monetized content. Harness digital marketing strategies to enhance visibility and reader connection.

Start Thinking

Nothing is stopping you from becoming an independent author. You can always write your book. All you have to do is start thinking and acting to become an independent author and publisher. You will become one when you take action for the things you dream of, turning them into reality. There might be some hassles to become an independent author, but later, when you get known, you would understand that all those efforts, processes, and time spent did not go in vain. You will feel proud of yourself. After all, you would have become an independent author. 

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