James Herriot Books In Order: Four Methods To Read In Sequence


Wondering where to start reading James Herriot?

We are here to help you get into Herriot’s books about his life. This blog will help you decide which book to read first. You can follow his writing journey, pick by story order, or choose by what sounds most fun to you. Find the best way to enjoy the adventures and warmth of Herriot’s world.

Four Methods To Read In Sequence

Chronological Order by Publication Date

If you’re new to the stories of James Herriot, starting with the books in the order they were published is a smart choice. This approach allows you to witness Herriot’s writing growth and shows how his storytelling evolved. It’s like watching the layers of a painting being added one by one; each book adds depth and color to the world Herriot has created.

List of Books in Publication Order

James Herriot’s works started with “If Only They Could Talk,” introducing readers to the trials and joys of a vet in the Yorkshire Dales. As we follow with “It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet” and others, we’re led through a series of anecdotes that paint a fuller picture of Herriot’s life and times.

Here’s how you start:

  • If Only They Could Talk (1970)
  • It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet (1972)
  • Let Sleeping Vets Lie (1973)
  • Vet in Harness (1974)
  • Vets Might Fly (1976)
  • Vet in a Spin (1977)
  • The Lord God Made Them All (1981)
  • Every Living Thing (1992)

Reading these books as per their release dates, you’re on a path that mirrors the readers of Herriot’s time, experiencing his stories as they did.


The primary benefit of this method is continuity in the author’s voice. As James Herriot refined his craft, his narratives became more polished and profound. You can almost hear his confidence grow with each book. Additionally, this order respects the original pacing and development intended by Herriot.


However, there are a couple of caveats. Some prequels were written after the initial books, which could potentially confuse character backstories. Also, since the stories are semi-autobiographical, some elements might feel slightly out of place, as Herriot’s timeline doesn’t always match the narrative sequence.

Chronological Order by Narrative Timeline

Diving into James Herriot’s works can also be done by aligning the books with the timeline of events they describe. This method allows readers to follow the narrative arc as it unfolds in the life of the Yorkshire vet, regardless of the publication dates.

Organizing Books by Internal Chronology

To experience James Herriot’s stories as a continuous journey, one might read the books based on the timeline of the events within. This could start with Herriot’s early experiences as a young vet and move through to his later years.

For example, “If Only They Could Talk” still begins this chronological journey, but you would then proceed to “Let Sleeping Vets Lie,” which fits next in the sequence of Herriot’s life events.


You can enjoy a cohesive storyline by reading the James Herriot books according to the narrative timeline. It’s like following a map through Herriot’s life, with each stop bringing its adventures and character developments. This method can also enhance the realism of the stories, making you feel even more connected to the people and places Herriot describes.


The challenge with this reading order is that it may overlook the evolution of Herriot’s writing style. The nuances that come with a writer’s maturity may be less apparent when hopping from his early to later works without considering when they were penned. Moreover, finding the exact chronological order can be tricky and require additional research or a guide.

Thematic Reading Order

Another enriching way to approach James Herriot’s books is to group them by themes. Herriot’s stories are a tapestry of experiences ranging from heartfelt to humorous, each cluster of narratives offering its flavor of his life as a vet in Yorkshire.

Grouping Books by Themes

You might categorize James Herriot’s works into themes such as narratives of dogs and cats, the trials and tribulations of farm animal care, or a young vet’s personal life and growth. This method caters to readers particularly drawn to certain aspects of Herriot’s storytelling.

For instance, if you’re especially fond of the antics and affections of household pets, you might start with “All Creatures Great and Small,” which provides a rich introduction to the wide range of animals Herriot encountered.


This thematic journey through James Herriot’s collection allows a deep dive into specific subjects, creating a rich and focused experience. It is particularly rewarding for readers interested in specific facets of veterinary medicine or those who enjoy certain types of stories, such as the challenges faced during wartime or the lighter, more comedic moments.

Potential Disadvantages

However, a thematic reading might not provide the chronological development of Herriot’s character and the other recurring personalities in his books. By focusing on one theme, other delightful aspects of Herriot’s writing might also be missed.

Personalized Reading Order Based on Interest

Your unique tastes can guide your exploration of James Herriot’s literary world. Choosing a path based on what resonates with you can make the reading experience even more special.

Selecting Books Based on Personal Preference

James Herriot’s collection is a buffet of stories where you can pick what suits your palate. Are you intrigued by the historical context of veterinary practice? Or perhaps it’s the personal, reflective moments of a vet’s life that pique your interest. By selecting books that align with your interests, you can tailor your reading list to what you’re most eager to discover.

How Personal Interests Can Shape Reading Experience

This personalized approach ensures that your journey through Herriot’s works is engaging from start to finish. You might start with “Every Living Thing” to delve into the twilight years of Herriot’s practice if later-life reflections are what you seek. Your curiosity drives the narrative, making every book a chapter you choose in the grand story of Herriot’s world.

Cons of a Non-Sequential Reading Experience

However, it’s important to note that by hopping around based on interests, you might miss the natural progression of James Herriot’s life and the chronological growth of his beloved characters. There’s also a chance of encountering spoilers or references to events from books you haven’t read yet.

Comparative Overview of Reading Methods

Choosing the best way to read James Herriot’s books is a personal decision, but understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each method can make that choice easier. Here’s a brief look at what each approach offers.

Benefits and Limitations

Chronological Order by Publication Date allows readers to witness the progression of Herriot’s writing style and the development of his storytelling prowess. It provides an authentic experience akin to that of readers who followed Herriot’s releases in real-time.

Chronological Order by Narrative Timeline offers a seamless narrative flow, closely tracing Herriot’s professional and personal milestones as a country vet. It gives a more direct line through the history of his world.

Thematic Reading Order is for those who prefer to immerse themselves in specific topics or types of stories within Herriot’s universe. It’s a deep dive into particular aspects of his work that resonate with the reader.

Personalized Reading Order Based on Interest is the most flexible approach, tailored to individual preferences. It’s ideal for readers who know what they like and want a customized reading experience.

Making Your Decision

Consider what you’re most looking forward to in James’s books when deciding which method to choose. Are you a fan of following an author’s growth? Or do you prefer to travel with the characters, regardless of when the books hit the shelves? Maybe you’re interested in a particular theme, like the advancement of veterinary science during Herriot’s time, or you simply want a mix based on your inclinations.

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For newcomers to Herriot’s world, we suggest starting with the Chronological Order by Publication Date. This approach gives you the foundation of Herriot’s storytelling and the joy of seeing his work evolve. The latter two methods could be more rewarding for those with specific interests or seeking a more thematic exploration.

No matter which path you choose, the narratives of James Herriot are bound to offer comfort, laughter, and a sense of nostalgia for a world where the bond between humans and animals is celebrated through the eyes of a compassionate vet.


Q1: Who is James Herriot?

A1: James Herriot is the pen name of Alf Wight, a British veterinary surgeon and writer. Born on October 3, 1916, in Sunderland, England, he is renowned for his semi-autobiographical stories, often referred to as ‘vet lit,’ which detail his experiences as a vet in the Yorkshire Dales.

Q2: What are the main themes in his books?

A2: The main themes include the bond between humans and animals, the beauty and challenge of country life, the evolution of veterinary medicine, and the nuances of human relationships. Herriot’s books are beloved for their humor, compassion, and warmth.

Q3: In what order should I read James Herriot’s books?

A3: There are several ways to enjoy James Herriot’s books: by publication date, narrative timeline, thematically, or based on personal interest. Each method offers a different experience, so choose the one that best suits your reading style.

Q4: Are James Herriot’s books suitable for all ages?

A4: Yes, James Herriot’s stories are generally suitable for readers of all ages. They are especially popular among animal lovers and those who appreciate narratives of rural life.

Q5: How many books did James Herriot write?

A5: James Herriot wrote eight main books, starting with “If Only They Could Talk” and ending with “Every Living Thing.” Additionally, he authored several shorter stories and collections.

Main Attributes and Elaborate Information

Reading Method Key Characteristics Example Books in Order
Publication Date Follows the order in which books were released, showing the evolution of Herriot’s writing. 1. If Only They Could Talk (1970)
2. It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet (1972)

7. Every Living Thing (1992)
Narrative Timeline Aligns books with the chronological order of events in Herriot’s life. 1. If Only They Could Talk (1970)
2. Let Sleeping Vets Lie (1973)

7. Every Living Thing (1992)
Thematic Order Groups books by themes like animal types or aspects of veterinary life. Theme-based selection (e.g., stories about household pets or farm animals)
Personal Interest Tailored to individual preferences, focusing on specific aspects that resonate with the reader. Personalized selection based on reader’s interest (e.g., historical context, personal reflections)
Advantages Highlights the benefits of each reading method. Continuity, thematic depth, personal resonance, etc.
Drawbacks Discusses potential limitations or challenges of each method. Possible confusion, missing narrative progression, etc.
Recommendation Suggested starting point for newcomers to Herriot’s world. Chronological Order by Publication Date


Getting on the literary journey with James Herriot’s books takes you through a vet’s heartwarming experiences in Yorkshire. Choose your reading path, publication date, event sequence, theme, or personal interest. And each narrative will reveal a piece of Herriot’s enduring legacy.

His stories transcend mere accounts of veterinary practice, unfolding life’s lessons with humor and humanity. Turning the pages of James Herriot’s work, you’ll immerse yourself in a comforting world, celebrating the timeless human-animal bond.

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