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Where to Submit Short Stories: Bulk Options for Writers

If you’re looking to submit short stories, there are many literary magazines, websites, and anthologies where you can share your work. Here’s a list of some popular and reputable options. Keep in mind that submission guidelines and requirements may change, so always check the specific guidelines on the publication’s website before submitting: Literary Magazines: Numerous ... [Read More]

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The Darkest Minds 2: Sequel Insights and Updates

If you like exciting young adult stories, you’ve probably heard of “The Darkest Minds.” The big news? A sequel, “The Darkest Minds 2”, is coming. People all over the internet are talking a lot about this sequel, fans are sharing their guesses, and there’s a lot of excitement. And you might be asking: what’s new ... [Read More]

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Tana French Books in Order: Comprehensive Order Guide

Jumping into mystery books is exciting, especially with Tana French leading the way. Her stories are super engaging. Many readers find her books and just can’t put them down. What makes them special isn’t just the mystery but the interesting people in them. Tana French has a way of making each person in her stories ... [Read More]

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Joe Abercrombie Books In Order: Two Strategies For Reading In Order

If you’re getting into the gritty and compelling worlds crafted by Joe Abercrombie, you’re in for a journey filled with sharp turns and rich storytelling. Known for his gripping narratives and complex characters, Abercrombie has established a unique corner in the fantasy genre that continues to captivate readers. A common question arises with several books ... [Read More]

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Drizzt books In Order: Complete Book Series

Over 35 years ago, R.A. Salvatore introduced readers to the captivating world of the Legend of Drizzt, which has since become one of the most beloved fantasy book series. It boasts over 35 million copies sold worldwide and numerous appearances on The New York Times bestsellers list. It is also among the best books of ... [Read More]

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