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Gone are the days when graphic novels were synonymous solely with superhero capes and world-saving quests. Today, they are recognized for the powerful storytelling vehicles they are. They encompass many genres, including fantasy, mystery, romance, and non-fiction. They weave complex tales that resonate with people from all walks of life.

So why should you care about the best graphic novels of 2023? Graphic novels are not just for kids or niche comic lovers—they are for anyone who loves a good story and doesn’t want to be reading long books.

Moreover, 2023’s best graphic novels offer a window to escapism with a depth that only this format can provide. They’re a haven where dialogue and graphics meet to form a narrative synergy. Whether you want to laugh, think deeply, be scared, or simply be entertained, this year’s lineup has a graphic novel.

Here are the best graphic novels of 2023 that are setting the standard and making waves in the literary and art communities.

1. Carmilla: The First Vampire by Amy Chu and Soo Lee

Amy Chu and Soo Lee bring to life a thought-provoking, modern horror narrative as they reinvent Carmilla, a pre-Dracula vampire tale, for today’s audience. The story is set in the present age. It explores the unnerving horrors that come with complicated relationships while also highlighting a toxically eerie central character.

Lee’s adaptable artistic style perfectly enhances the ambience of the narrative, elementary in establishing the overall mood and making the story more gripping.

2. Miles Davis and the Search for the Sound by Dave Chisholm

Dave Chisholm has steadily built a unique comic reputation as an extraordinary description of jazz’s essence. Few others breathe the spirit of jazz with the same intensity as the whimsical genius Miles Davis.

Chisholm, in this graphic novel, succinctly encapsulates Davis’s biography. He breathes life into the story using different visual storytelling techniques to make it stand out. Chisholm’s graphic storytelling skills make a complex life story engaging and visually stimulating.

3. Monica by Daniel Clowes

Having been away from the literary scene for a considerable period, Daniel Clowes, one of the graphic novel industry’s most remarkable figures over the past three and a half decades, makes a thrilling comeback.

His latest offering, Monica, is an intricately layered narrative. The story may require multiple readings to thoroughly unravel its elaborate plot’s depths. It focuses on the protagonist’s quest to find her elusive mother.

However, every answer she uncovers intensifies the puzzle, adding layers of strangeness and obscurity. Clowes exhibits a remarkable command of his craft in this novel.

4. Night Eaters: Her Little Reapers by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda

This is the second installment in Liu and Takeda’s envisioned trilogy detailing a Chinese-American family plagued by shadowy secrets in their bloodline.

This fresh volume expands the literary universe they have created, veering towards an increasingly eerie direction. Takeda’s depiction of characters is filled with subtle humor, and her captivating watercolor scenes add sublime beauty to the narrative.

Liu’s script is equal parts suspenseful and captivating. This book’s tone and perspective appeal greatly to audiences spanning different age groups.

5. Roaming by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki

Jillian and Mariko Tamaki, both acclaimed figures in youth comics and past recipients of the illustrious Caldecott Medal, unite their creative talents in crafting the narrative of “Roaming.”

This graphic novel unfolds the journey of two young adult sisters as they navigate the complexities and wonders of New York City. More than just an exploration of a metropolis, “Roaming” delves into the intricacies of growing up and the profound experiences that shape us.

Showcasing a profound collaboration between two skilled creators, the story stands out for its poignant, emotionally resonant storytelling and its ability to intertwine the bitter with the sweet.

6. The Second Fake Death of Eddie Campbell by Eddie Campbell

Eddie Campbell makes a notable return, almost two decades after the release of his groundbreaking graphic novel, “The Fate of the Artist” (2005), with “The Second Fake Death of Eddie Campbell.”

In this sequel, Campbell cleverly revisits the enigma surrounding his fictitious disappearance, framing the narrative within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Known for his self-referential wit, expressive cartooning style, and keen observations of the mundane, Campbell crafts a narrative that is as engaging as it is amusing. This edition is uniquely packaged as a two-in-one, allowing readers to revisit “The Fate of the Artist” while enjoying the new installment. Campbell’s mastery of blending humor with insightful commentary makes this book an irresistibly attractive proposition for fans of graphic novels.

7. The Superhero’s Journey by Patrick McDonnell

Patrick McDonnell, famous for his comic strip “Mutts,” has created a new comic called “The Superhero’s Journey.” It’s a special tribute to the 1960s, a classic time for Marvel comics, with stories from popular characters like the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Avengers, and Doctor Strange.

This comic is like a fun story that both kids and adults can enjoy together, and it’s even the favorite of some of our team members at Ghostwriting founder. It’s made to be enjoyable for everyone, whether it’s an older person sharing it with a younger person or someone young discovering the magic of these stories for the first time.

McDonnell made this comic to celebrate the famous Marvel stories and ensure new readers will love them just as much in the future.

8. The Riddler: Year One, by Paul Dano and Stevan Subic

At a time when superhero stories may not be considered the best, the book “The Riddler: Year One” stands out, especially in the DC Comics world.

It was released around the same time as last year’s movie, “The Batman,” in which Paul Dano played the mysterious character of the Riddler. The book delves deep into the mind of the Riddler, whose actual name is Edward Nigma.

The teamwork of Dano’s bold writing and Stevan Subic’s dramatic artwork makes this book engaging and visually impressive.

9. Time Under Tension by M.S. Harkness

In her third major publication, M.S. Harkness, a distinguished artist renowned for her autobiographical Comic book creations, ventures into challenging and often unsettling themes with an audacity that distinguishes her work.

“Time Under Tension” is an exploration of personal and societal darkness. It might seem daunting in the hands of a less skilled storyteller. However, Harkness’s approach is anything but conventional. Through her authentic narrative voice, sharp wit that cuts through pretension, and a distinctive visual style characterized by clean, angular illustrations.

10. Toussaint Louverture: The Story of the Only Successful Slave Revolt in History by C.L.R. James, adapted by Sakina Karimjee and Nic Watts

The story of the Haitian Revolution is very important but not widely known. It happened in the late 1700s when enslaved people in Haiti fought against the French rulers. They established the first independent Black country outside of Africa.

C.L.R. James, a famous historian, first told this story in detail in 1936 through a play that showed the complicated politics and events of the revolution.

Sakina Karimjee and Nic Watts have made a graphic novel about it. This new version brings the story to life with pictures. This makes it easier to understand and feel the impact of the events.

The book “Toussaint Louverture” is named after a revolution leader. Moreover, it is one of the standout non-fiction books of the year. It makes a key part of history more accessible and interesting for readers.


Graphic novels intertwine visual art with the power of narrative. And this format is undeniably effective in captivating and engaging readers. The novels listed represent the best of 2023. They showcase innovation and the incredible potential for storytelling in graphic novels. Each has something unique to offer, promising enthralling journeys for every reader.

No wonder graphic novels are experiencing such a resurgence in popularity. 2023 saw the release of some incredibly ambitious and successful titles. From stories about parallel universes to socially conscious narratives, the best graphic novels of 2023 offer something for everyone.

Whether you’re a long-term fan or new to graphic novels, these top picks from 2023 are excellent places to start.

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