The 7 Best Horror Novels to Look Out for in 2024

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  • March 18, 2024
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The year 2024 promises an exhilarating lineup for horror novel enthusiasts. From the depth of wilderness terrors to the eerie quiet of space, the genre spans diverse settings and unique storylines, keeping readers at the edge.

In this special feature, we spotlight the 7 best horror novels of the Best horror authors of all time that are scheduled for release in 2024. Each of these selections not only promises to chill your bones but also showcases the brilliance of their creators in crafting unforgettable tales of horror and suspense.

1. This Wretched Valley by Jenny Kiefer

Starting our list is “This Wretched Valley,” poised to set a high standard for the rest of the year. Jenny Kiefer invites us into a chilling wilderness horror narrative following a group of climbers exploring a remote valley.

In “This Wretched Valley,” nature’s beauty becomes a frightful opponent, and the climbers quickly learn that the valley holds more than just scenic views. Faced with relentless weather, treacherous paths, and strange noises that echo through the night, they’re pushed to their limits.

But it’s not just the elements they must worry about; human errors and secrets begin to surface, adding tension within the group. Jenny Kiefer delivers a story where the real horror might be the supernatural forces at play and the darkness within ourselves when faced with survival. It’s a gripping tale that makes us wonder what we would do when confronted by the unknown.

2. Womb City by Tlotlo Tsamaase

“Womb City” brings a unique twist to the horror genre, merging dark fantasy and speculative fiction elements. It will transport you to a place you’ve never imagined – a city alive within a woman.

This novel pushes the boundaries of horror and fantasy to explore a bizarre yet fascinating concept. Picture a metropolis pulsating with life, its streets and buildings intertwined with flesh and bone.

The protagonist navigates this surreal city, where the personal and urban landscapes merge. Tlotlo Tsamaase crafts a narrative that is as much a horror story as it is a profound commentary on body autonomy, identity, and the invasiveness of modern society.

As the line between the physical and the psychological blurs, readers are left to ponder where the city ends and the self begins. It’s a dark journey that is both unsettling and unputdownable. This horror novel is expected to push the boundaries of conventional horror storytelling. It appeals to fans and even our writers of Ghostwriting founder as we look for something out of the ordinary. This novel undoubtedly marks its place among the best horror novels.

3. The Butcher of the Forest by Premee Mohamed

Premee Mohamed’s “The Butcher of the Forest” combines dark fantasy with horror in a tale that warns of the horrors lurking in the wilderness.

In “The Butcher of the Forest,” Premee Mohamed invites us into a world where folklore and fear intertwine. The legend of the Butcher – a figure shrouded in mystery and whispered about in hushed tones – haunts the local villages.

When a group of curious outsiders searches the forest for the truth, they find themselves caught in a tale much darker than they anticipated. The forest, alive with ancient magic and hidden truths, becomes a character of its own, watching and waiting as the group uncovers the layers of its shadowy past.

Combining elements of dark fantasy, this horror novel is a testament to the power of stories and the darkness that lies in the pursuit of uncovering them. The Butcher may be a myth, but the fear he incites is very real.

4. King Nyx by Kirsten Bakis

“King Nyx” offers a historical backdrop for its horror, set during the ravages of the Spanish Influenza.

Here, Kirsten Bakis crafts a tale of survival, love, and fear against one of history’s darkest periods. The story follows a sensible woman and her unpredictable husband seeking refuge on an isolated island, hoping to escape the pandemic.

However, they quickly discover that the island is not the sanctuary they hoped for. Supernatural forces lurk in the shadows, threatening to unravel the fabric of their reality. As the couple faces these eerie occurrences, their relationship is tested, and they must decide what they are willing to sacrifice to survive.

The novel explores human resilience pitted against unseen enemies, both microbial and paranormal. It’s a haunting, atmospheric journey, securing its spot as one of the best Horror books of all time to watch out for.

5. Ghost Station by S.A. Barnes

For those intrigued by the fusion of sci-fi and horror, “Ghost Station” offers a thrilling space-bound narrative. S.A. Barnes crafts a tale about a psychologist stationed in a lonely outpost, struggling to contain an outbreak of a murderous and mysterious condition amongst the crew.

Combining elements of isolation, madness, and the unknown, “Ghost Station” is penned to be a standout addition to the best horror novels of 2024, especially for fans of cosmic horror.

6. First Light by Liz Kerin:

“First Light” is the eagerly awaited sequel to Liz Kerin’s emotional vampire horror, “Night’s Edge.” Continuing the heroine’s quest for vengeance, this novel delves deeper into the darkness that transformed her mother.

Kerin’s ability to blend emotional depth with the terror of the night makes “First Light” a promising continuation and a title that belongs among the best horror novels for those who love their horror with a side of heart-wrenching drama.

7. The Hollow by Patricia Nguyen:

Rounding off our list is “The Hollow” by Patricia Nguyen. This supernatural horror novel revolves around friends facing an ancient evil in a remote forest. Nguyen is applauded for her atmospheric writing, which meticulously builds the tension, unraveling the horror in layers that tightly grip the reader’s imagination.

The anticipation surrounding “The Hollow” ensures its place as one of the best horror novels in 2024.


2024 is shaping up to be an exceptional year for the horror genre, with these 7 best horror novels leading the way. Novels like “King Nyx” and “Ghost Station” are perfect to get inspiration for your horror writing for marketing.

Whether you’re drawn to the isolation of space, the dangers lurking in the forest, or the terror hidden within the human body, this list promises a book for every kind of horror fan.

So, mark your calendars and prepare your reading nooks; a year of spine-chilling narratives and unforgettable horror awaits!

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