Tools to measure Brand Awareness and why you should?

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  • June 28, 2021
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Measuring brand awareness separates marketing. It is seen by some as a senseless exercise, an accumulation of vanity metrics that bear no relation to the marketing ROI.

Every brand wants to become famous. Every entrepreneur and market wisher to for their own brand to become famous.

As you may guess that popularity does not grow overnight, not for brands. No one wakes up famous, instead slowly and steadily.

What is brand awareness? 

Brand awareness is the extent to which customers are familiar with the quality or image of a particular brand or business of goods or services.

The main objective of marketing, PR, and even customer service is to increase brand awareness, to make sure that people recognize the brand, talk about it. These are the primary perks of brand awareness, and there are others too.

Brand awareness creates communities of loyal consumers who keep purchasing the products from the brand, not because they like them, but also they connect themselves with the brand and feel like being a part of the community. You can also look at the battle of Apple Vs. Microsoft, Pepsi Vs. Coke. 

Why should you measure impressions of your brand?

The impression might not tell that how many people saw your content, but what they do tell you how many people were shown to it. You can check the metrics such as the engagements, clicks, and traffic on the website to understand better how your audience received   

The main question is that how you calculate brand awareness?

The growth of anything will not matter if it is not measured regularly. Awareness of a brand is no exception, instead of the obvious difficulties. It is impossible to calculate accurately that how many people are aware of your brand. It is a metric that you cannot ignore. Also, this is the number of metrics. Here is how you can get accurate numbers.

On the very top of the list of the ways to calculate brand awareness is the surveys that are conducted,


  Questioning random groups of people through phone calls or emails whether they have known about the brand is the first step of getting a vague understanding of brand awareness. Of course, the selection has to be representative of your targeted audience.

Asking your existing customers that how did they get to know about the brand is also another approach that addresses the different problems. It would give you an understanding of how the word about the brand is being spread and through which channels are effective in the growth of the brand.

How can you conduct your brand awareness survey? 

When you are about to conduct your awareness survey, ask the following questions to the audience.

– What all do you know about the brand?

– When our brand comes to your mind, what is the first thing?

– Which of the competitors have you heard about?

Why do you conduct the brand awareness survey?

You have to consider the brand awareness survey to provide context to your brand’s qualitative data. They also help you make brand affinity through establishing a direct connection with the audience and offering them a special offer of some kind. 

On the seconds stand the social listening for the calculation of the awareness.

Social Listening

These are the metrics that get to you as close to measuring brand awareness as possible. These social listening tools search for the mention of your brand name (tagged or untagged) on social media platforms, blogs, forums, and on the web too. They calculate the accurate number of people that are talking about the brand, which must correlate with the number of people that are aware of the brand.

Social listening tools show the total sentiment of the brand mentions, allowing you to go deeper in researching that how people feel about the product or service. These social listening metrics also include the reach metric that shows the reach of your brand. The basic objective or the work of the reach metric is to show the number of people that have mentioned your brand in their posts online multiplied by the number of times they see them. This report reveals that do you have influential brand advocates that have mentioned your brand on any platform possible.

Why do you measure social Listening?

The social listening metrics indicate how the conversations are unfolding around your brand. Is the awareness of your brand positive or negative? What influencers or hashtags are taking that awareness forward? Is the awareness motivating the audience to follow the brand’s account and comment on their experiences with them? Social listening metrics help you to answer these questions. The minus point is that the data is limited to a specific social platform. It does not show how the awareness is spreading across the internet.         

On the third comes the website traffic.

Website traffic

 Measuring the traffic of your website is also another way by which you can calculate your brand awareness, not as a total number or accurate, but as the increasing or the decreasing metric. Unluckily, Google analytics does not show the accurate number of people who have visited your website by using the branded keywords. Everything that you can do in assessing brand awareness is to look at the direct traffic. All of the people you will get will be the ones who have typed your URL into the address bars of their browsers, along with the people who have visited your website through the untracked link.

Why do you measure website traffic?

The traffic of your website indicates that people are not really only getting to know about your brand but also are perused in learning more about it. They processed your message and clicked by to read more, or they remembered your brand and wanted to check out your products or services.   

Search Volume.

Data of Search volume adds to website traffic metrics. You can also get the help of Google AdWords keyword planner and google trends for checking the volume of your brand searches from time to time. However, this would only work if your brand name is unique.

Not like social listening, you cannot add any kind of “negative comment” to specify your searches. If your brand name is famous like “Apple,” the data you will get would definitely be pretty meaningless.

There are a few tools that you can use to calculate brand awareness quite easily.

Why do you measure the volume data?

Search data helps you to see how much interest is around your brand. It also tells how your search volume is stacking up to your competitors and how much more chances are there to build awareness around the given keywords. You can use this kind of data to launch more informative and targeted campaigns.    

One of them is Survey Monkey.

Survey Monkey

Doing surveys is not very easy, as you may have to assume. Survey monkeys do most of the work for you. It is one of the best tools to measurer the brand awareness out there and also definitely the most popular and is great in creating deep online surveys.


This is a social listing tool. Awario crawls all of the major social media platforms, new websites, blogs, forums, and the web for the mentions of any given keyword. Awario analyzes growth in mentions, reach, sentiment, as well as the popular topics around the keywords, the gender of the author, locations, and the languages. It does also finds the brand advocates and the influencers in the industry.

Awario has a quite Boolean search ability which makes sure that the results from the research relevant only mentions, also if your brand name is a common word.

Essential Elements and Detailed Insights

Concept / Technique Description / Application Significance in Marketing
Defining Brand Awareness Understanding the level of consumer familiarity with a brand’s qualities and image. Acts as a foundational element for marketing strategies, driving recognition and consumer loyalty.
Impressions and Reach Measuring how often brand content is displayed to audiences, regardless of engagement levels. Helps in assessing the extent of brand exposure and potential audience size.
Surveys for Awareness Conducting targeted surveys to gauge public recognition and perception of the brand. Provides direct insights into brand recognition and consumer attitudes.
Social Listening Tools Using tools to monitor brand mentions across various digital platforms. Offers real-time analysis of brand reputation, reach, and consumer sentiment.
Website Traffic Analysis Observing direct traffic and branded searches to assess brand-related online activity. Indicates consumer interest and engagement with the brand’s digital presence.
Search Volume Tracking Monitoring search query frequencies related to the brand. Serves as an indicator of brand popularity and comparative standing against competitors.
Specialized Tools (e.g., Survey Monkey, Awario, Brand Watch) Utilizing specific software for in-depth brand awareness analysis. Facilitates detailed and accurate measurement of brand awareness and growth trends.

Brand watch

A brand watch is a social listening tool. A brand watch is more sophisticated than Awario, and it also fits enterprises and agencies very well.

It covers all of the social media networks that include the niche and the local ones, also the review sites, news sites, comments, blogs, forums, and the web. This tool not only finds the mentions of the brand’s name and also the images that are related to the brand, for example, the logo.

Brand Watch analyzes mentions’ growth, reach, and sentiments and the authors’ demographic, psychographics, locations, and languages. Brand watch also tells trends that are most popular in your niche.

Foundation to success.

Brand awareness can be the roots on which to build your marketing strategy. 

The growing number of consumers that can recall your brand is usually integrated into success.

In the old times, the real challenge was gaining an accurate insight into the level of awareness, but social listening has really simplified the process where supplying richer data.

Using Brand watch analytics to track brand awareness provides you with the tools that you may need to monitor the growth and the buss around your brand.

Brand awareness might seem pretty vague and complicated to mindfully measure and grow. But, it does not mean that you neglect your brand awareness, especially considering how important it is for a brand’s success. Get out and tell people about your brand. 

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