Which Musician Wrote the Children’s Picture Book “the English roses”?

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The American singer and songwriter Madonna penned the story for a children’s picture book, English roses, published on September 15, 2003. 

Five of Madonna’s children’s books have sold more than 500,000 copies in 50 countries. It was available to buy at bookstores around the country.

Story Behind the Book:

English roses’ story revolves around five girls. Amy, Grace, Charlotte, and Nicole. Later Bina (the critical character of the story) became a part of the story.

However, the other four English roses never failed to make mischievous plans against her.

The author talks about her life challenges in this book and makes people realize the wrong perception

Moreover, it was nothing like they assumed but the opposite to it. Binah almost does everything from cooking to cleaning and barely gets time for herself.

What was the appearance of the English Rose Girl?

The expert team of book writing mentioned that the English rose is the name given to the fairy that resembles a wild rose and makes an appearance in the novel ‘The Fairies of the Summer’. She is one of the Flower Fairies who live in the garden. In this children’s picture book, a young girl is shown as a stunning young lady with blond hair, a light complexion, rosy cheeks, and a pink ensemble. Her appearance is reminiscent of a royal princess, and she is presented as a stunning young girl. Moreover, she has pink wings resembling a butterfly.

How many series of this book is available?

There are seven picture books and twelve-chapter novels specifically for kids as part of her venture into children’s literature. Not once, not twice, but an astounding three times, her novels have held the number one slot on the New York Times list of the best-selling books in the country.

The English Roses are the greatest of them all, with twelve series mentioned by best ghostwriters:

  1. Friends for Life (Edition 1) was published in 2007.
  2. Goodbye Grace (Edition 2) was published in 2007.
  3. The New Girl (Edition 3) was first released in 2007.
  4. A Rose by Any Other Name (Edition 4) was also published in 2007.
  5. Big-Sister Blues (Edition 5) was published in 2008.
  6. Being Binah (Edition 6) was published in 2008.
  7. The English Roses: Hooray for the Holidays (Edition 7) was published in 2008.
  8. The English Roses: A Match Made in Heaven (Edition 8) was first released in 2008.
  9. The Runway Rose (Edition 9) was published in 2009.
  10. The English Roses: Ready, Set, Vote! (Edition 10) was published in 2009.
  11. The English Roses: American Dream (Edition 11) was published in 2009.
  12. The English Roses: Catch the Bouquet (Edition 12) was published in 2009.

Why is it referred to as the English Rose, and what does it even mean?

As defined by the expression “English rose,” a naturally beautiful lady or girl who is either born in, or has a connection to, the country of England and who is identified with its culture is referred to as an “English rose.” However, this description includes a cultural allusion to the rose, England’s national flower, and the rose’s long history of use as a symbol in the country’s culture.

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How did Madonna celebrate the success of her first successful book?

The author, who is often regarded as the person most responsible for publishing the concept of the “material girl,” is now hard at work on the fifth installment of her series of instructional books geared toward readers of younger ages

In addition, after publishing her first children’s book, The English Roses, in London, she hosted a rooftop party where many celebrities and other notable individuals were invited to attend.

Has Madonna written a book on her life experiences and lessons learned?

When Madonna was writing The English Roses, she drew heavily on her own life experiences to show a book that conveys a meaningful message to its readers.

Madonna’s mom died suddenly. This happened when Madonna was still a child. It acts as a catalyst for her work.

In particular, she secretly relates her life with the story character Binah who was alone.

Is the Book Publication Successful?

The English Roses was released in 2003. Each of the remaining four books in the series used ideas from the religion of Kabbalah, which had a lot of significance for Madonna. This book kicked off a series of five more that would ultimately be published under the same title.

Before it was finally made available to the public, the book had already been published at the same time in more than one hundred nations throughout the globe. The book is written in forty-two languages.

Madonna was personally linked to the growth of this children’s picture book demonstrating her commitment to the initiative.

 Four Other Books:

 When we go against our natural desire to be self-centered, no matter how undeserving we believe we are, miracles can happen.

Following are some other books:

  1. Mr. Peaboday’s Apple (Children under 5-9 can read) was published on November 10, 2003.
  2. Yakov And Thieves. Date of publishing, June 21, 2004. (First Edition)
  3. The Adventure of Abdi. Released on November 8, 2004.
  4. Lotsa De Casha. Published on June 7, 2005

Some readers criticized the tone of the work in the children’s picture book, which earned mixed reviews. Some readers may find the tone to be inconsistent. Others see it as a lovely story with a lovely, straightforward message.

Main Attributes and Elaborate Information

Feature Description Interesting Fact
Origin of ‘The English Roses’ Madonna’s children’s book, focusing on a story about five girls. Over 500,000 copies sold in 50 countries.
Characters and Plot Central character Bina joins four other girls, Amy, Grace, Charlotte, and Nicole, amidst mischievous plans. Bina reflects challenges in her life.
Character Imagery The English Rose girl is portrayed as a fairy-like figure with blond hair and pink wings, symbolizing innocence and beauty. Inspired by fairy tales and folklore.
Series and Publications A total of 19 books in the series, including picture books and chapter novels, with several editions topping best-seller lists. Madonna’s extensive venture into children’s literature.
Cultural Symbolism The term “English Rose” refers to a naturally beautiful girl with connections to England, symbolizing purity and grace. Represents England’s national flower.
Madonna’s Personal Influence The story draws from Madonna’s life experiences, illustrating personal growth and challenges. Madonna’s mother’s death influenced the narrative.
Philosophical and Moral Themes Themes of gratitude, compassion, and understanding of others’ struggles are central, with a focus on bullying and hidden problems. Encourages moral reflection in readers.


It’s human nature that as people gradually grow, they complain more about what they don’t have and feel less lucky. However, they fail to recognize how grateful they should be. We should be more understanding when we hear others’ complaints. Moreover, one must always try to understand what makes them feel bad about themselves. This may help us to make better decisions in life

Therefore, the English roses book teaches various moral lessons: bullying is wrong no matter what the reason is, everyone has hidden problems that need to be addressed, no one’s life is as simple as it appears, and most importantly, compassion.

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