Top 30 Goth Cartoon Characters: Must-See List

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  • January 2, 2024
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Goth style is very popular. It has found its way into cartoons, too! Goth cartoon characters dress specially and have interesting stories to convey.

Each one is different and special. These characters will take us on exciting adventures and show us the many sides of the goth style in cartoons.

From the layers of their intricate dark clothing to notable elements such as studded chokers, lace gloves, winged eyeliners, and more – these characters portray eclectic goth fashion brilliantly. And they do so without diluting its ethos.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Top 30 Goth Cartoon Characters

It has a fascinating depth and has found representation across numerous platforms – including cartoons. Across an array of animation styles, from classic 2D to hyperrealistic 3D, goth characters stand out with their distinctive visual cues and thought-provoking narratives.

Here is a list compiled by Ghostwriting Founder for the readers interested in knowing

1- Mavis Dracula (Hotel Transylvania)

Count Dracula, proprietor of the Hotel Transylvania, where creatures seek refuge from the human world, is the protagonist of the animated film Hotel Transylvania. A human, however, must do everything in his can to remain undetected by the hotel’s patrons once he inadvertently comes across it.

Presenting herself is Mavis Dracula, a 118-year-old vampire renowned for her unwavering determination, independence, and intellect.

2- Emily (Corpse Bride)

Corpse Bride, a stop-motion animated movie released in 2005, is undoubtedly one of Tim Burton’s most famous movies to date. The story takes place in Victorian England and is about a young guy named Victor who will marry a girl named Victoria.

He does, however, end up getting married to a dead woman named Emily, who then takes him to the Land of the Dead. As goth cartoon characters, we learn that Emily, who is very charming, is a crazy lover who loves music and dance.

Her fiancé killed her on the night she planned to run away with him.

3- Joan of ARC (Clone of High):

Although Clone High only ran for a single season from 2002–2003, Joan of Arc left a lasting influence on those lucky enough to see the program on television.

We are introduced to a school where the students are all adolescent replicas of famous people from the past. Joan of Arc, who is insightful, anxious, and gloomy, is one of these clones. Nicole Sullivan, who was the voice of Shego in Kim Possible, has also portrayed this character.

4- Wednesday (The Addams Family)

People who love the cartoon TV show The Addams Family and its characters would be holding their breath to see if we’ve included them in our piece. As goth cartoon characters, the clan is famous for its dark humor and fascination with the supernatural, making them a great example of a gothic cartoon character.

Wednesday Addams is a young girl with a distinctive and iconic appearance. She is characterized by her long, dark, braided hair, which adds to her mysterious and gothic allure.

Her typical wardrobe is a black dress that reflects her penchant for the morbid and unconventional. Wednesday’s style is timeless and unique, emphasizing her status as a member of the eccentric Addams family. Her appearance, while simple, becomes a symbol of her adherence to the gothic aesthetic.

Many people in the loved and close-knit family are known for having dark and scary personalities. It’s interesting how they see life and death but often find humor in things that other people might see as scary or dark.

5- Shego (Kim Possible)

An action-comedy-adventure TV show, Kim Possible, ran on the Disney Channel for several years. The main character of the story rising action was played by was the title character, who did her best to balance being a teenager and her job as a crime fighter.

The crazy doctor, Dr. Drakken, was her main enemy in the show, but his assistant, Shego, caused her trouble in the end. She always wore black hair, black lipstick, and a tight green and black outfit. She had a bad temper and acted without thinking.

6- Ravencrow Neversmiles (The Simpsons)

As far as Simpsons fans are concerned, Lisa Simpson goes under the nickname Ravencrow Neversmiles. We felt the character was significant enough to include her in our tale, even if she isn’t as well-known now.

After learning that Maggie has a higher IQ than her, Lisa resolves to embrace her goth cartoon characters in episode 13 of season 15.

7- Gothitelle (Pokémon)

This Pokémon is of the psychic type. It was first seen in the 21st episode of Pokémon: Black and White in 2011. It was first seen in Generation V as it developed from Gothorita and Gothita.

8- Daria Morgendorffer (Daria):

Daria is an intelligent, sarcastic high school student with round glasses and long, straight brown hair. She wears a simple green jacket and skirt.

Her intellectualism sets her apart, making her an iconic goth character. Daria is known for her deadpan humor and cynical outlook on life.

9- Ruby Gloom and Team (Ruby Gloom)

In the animated series Ruby Gloom, the title character—a very cheery person—and her friends—Skull Boy, Iris, Misery, Frank & Len, Poe, Boo Boo, and Doom Kitty—lived in a gothic mansion.

10- Andrea (Daria)

Most of you think that many of the characters on MTV’s Daria act in a gothic way, but Andrea is the only real goth on the show. A typical pessimistic individual, she is Daria’s fellow student.

11- Jinx (Teen Titans)

Jinxing things terrifies the majority of people in the actual world. Jinx, the character, predictably brings misfortune to others. To top it all off, she does it all while grinning cruelly on the battlefield.

12- Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice)

Deetz goes on adventures in The Netherworld, a magical place where many different animals and monsters can be found.

Like her portrayal in the film, Deetz plays goth cartoon characters who struggle to connect with females her age.

13- Mai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

The unforgettable Mai from Avatar: The Last Airbender exuded an overwhelming sense of melancholy the instant she was introduced to readers. She set a high standard by emphasizing how much she hated the city she was in.

14- The Grinch (How The Grinch Stole Christmas)

Dr. Seuss created the character and is a green, fluffy creature known for being naughty and pessimistic about life. His eyes hang down, his body slumped, and he often looks scowling.

Wearing his signature black outfit and very pointed shoes may additionally demonstrate his gloomy style.

15- Thorn (Scooby-Doo)

In the 1999 movie Scooby-Doo! The Witch’s Ghost, Thorn, and her band, The Hex Girls, were in a scene. People liked them on TV, and they quickly became well-known goth cartoon characters in the series.

Thorn, whose voice was done by Jennifer Hale, was the lead singer and guitarist for The Hex Girls. Her natural skills were very important in helping Mystery Inc., especially when locking up the ghost of witch Sarah Ravencroft.

16- Henrietta Biggle (South Park)

Henrietta Biggle first showed up in episode 14 of season seven of the popular cartoon show South Park. She is the leader of the goth group in her 4th-grade class, in case you didn’t know.

Teenage goths now spend most of their time in their bedroom, reading long books on gothic literature, writing dark songs, and experimenting with the supernatural.

17- Raven Queen (Even After High)

Most of the time, she was seen wearing black, purple, and feathers. She was much friendlier and more open than most people would have thought.

Raven later rejected her family’s tale tradition of being the bad girl and began encouraging other students to be themselves and write their own stories. Determining the reason for their moniker “rebels” was precisely this.

18- Gwen (Total Drama Island)

This is one of the amazing goth cartoon characters who liked to be alone and was interested in art and the stars. She was smart, strong-willed, independent, and level-headed. But the best thing about her was that she never let little things bother her.

People who know her would see that she has a kind heart and tries to trust those around her, even though she seems tough on the outside.

19- Triana Orpheus (The Venture Bros.)

Since its 2004 debut on Adult Swim, the animated action comedy series The Venture Bros. has entertained adults. Hank and Dean Venture are adolescent twins in a family of capable superheroes. The show covers their numerous hilarious adventures.

Necromancer Dr. Byron Orpheus draws inspiration from Dr. Strange and is devoted to his daughter, Triana.

20- Dylan Beekler (Golan The Insatiable)

After deciphering certain portions in an enigmatic USA Today bestseller book, Dylan Beekler—also known as Golan the Insatiable—called for the evil warlord Golan the Insatiable to come down from Gkruool.

She earned the right to be his faithful disciple quickly enough. Accept that she perceived humanity with contempt and was more passionately interested in ancient conflict and torture than Golan if that failed to shock you.

21- Kevin Levin (Ben 10)

Kevin belongs to the subset of Osmosians, whose DNA has been modified to provide them extraordinary powers. The capacity to absorb power has been bestowed on him, which is a wonderful development.

Maybe that’s why he always seems to have the same general appearance and personality, no matter what series he’s in or how old he is.

22- Marceline (Adventure Time)

Seasons 2010 through 2018 of the Cartoon Network’s prestigious literary awards animated series Adventure Time aired on the network. Every day, viewers watched as Finn, a human, and Jake, a dog they adopted, went on fantastical adventures in the Land of Ooo.

Prince Ice King, Princess Bubblegum, and Marceline the Vampire Queen were among the royal personalities they encountered on their journeys.

23- Rogue (X-Men Evolution)

X-Men’s Rogue A new version of Evolution emerged, this time as a jaded adolescent. She was emotionally fragile, her tone and perspective were insecure, and unsure of herself and her place in the world.

She proceeded to withdraw from society as a whole because her mutant ability forbade her from physically interacting with anybody. Her demeanor became snarkier and defensive, which is a shame.

24- Nergal Jr. (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

A troublesome offspring of monster father Nergal and Sis, Nergal Jr. takes like his monstrous father and becomes known as “Freak.” Harold, the father of Grim and Billy, sends Mandy and Billy to a winter camp, and later on, we learn that Junior is also being sent there.

He attempts to assume the forms of others while there, possibly out of embarrassment over his “true” form, by utilizing his abilities and powers. It becomes more apparent as we go through the tale that his only desire throughout was to be accepted by everyone around him.

25- Yumi Ishiyama (Code Lyoko)

Although she is the Warriors’ oldest and most experienced goth cartoon character, she tends to keep to herself. However, she regularly dons dark attire; for example, she debuted in the show’s first three seasons with an all-black suit and huge black platform boots.

However, what makes her a fascinating character is that she is the epitome of the seldom-seen soft goth.

26- Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

The trauma of the Last Airbender’s past manifested in his emotions. Viewers of the program would agree that his wrath served merely to highlight his life’s hopelessness.

For most of his life, he battled feelings of inadequacy and had difficulty figuring out his life’s true mission. The worst part was that he felt his fate had been dictated to him.

27- Jinx (Teen Titans)

Jinxing things terrifies the majority of people in the actual world. Jinx, the character, predictably brings misfortune to others. To top it all off, she does it all while grinning cruelly on the battlefield. The good news for fans is that she kept her gothic allure even after becoming a member of the Teen Titans.

28- Marceline (Adventure Time)

Princess Bubblegum, the Ice King, and Marceline, the Vampire Queen, were among the kingdom characters they interacted with throughout their journeys. Marceline, half human and half vampire, found great satisfaction in playing her axe bass guitar, a medium through which she could convey her innermost ideas and emotions.


With their quirky styles, enigmatic charm, and complex narratives, these characters provide amusement and offer insight into the experiences and questions that occupy Goth culture.

From the iconic Tim Burton characters that have become symbols of gothic animation to the delightful strangeness of The Addams Family, the enchanting enigma of Emily Strange, and the reflective depth of Teen Titans’ Raven, each character adds their unique flair to the Gothic motif, demonstrating its enduring charm and influence.

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