All Stephen King Novels in Order by Genre

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Stephen King is a famous writer who has created many scary and exciting stories. He writes books that make you feel like you are part of the adventure. Many people enjoy reading his books in the order they were published. This helps them see how his writing has changed over time.

This article will teach us about Stephen King’s novels in order by genre. This means we will look at his different types of stories and list them from the earliest to the latest. This way, you can pick your favorite type of story and start reading from the beginning. We will make sure the information is easy to understand and helpful.

Stephen King Novels in Order by Genre: Horror

Stephen King is best known for his horror novels. These books are full of spooky tales and mysteries that grab your attention and excite you to read more. You’ll love this list if you like stories that give you chills. We will look at his horror books, from the ones he wrote first to the ones he wrote later. This order helps you see how his ideas and writing have grown over time.

Starting with his first major hit, Carrie, King introduces us to a world where the main character discovers she has strange powers. This book is followed by famous titles like Salem’s Lot and The Shining. Each book gets a little scarier and more interesting. As you read these books in order, you’ll notice how King’s skill at creating thrilling scenes becomes better.

These books are great for reading independently but are also available in audio format. You can find these books on an audiobook app if you prefer listening to stories. This app makes it easy to listen to books while doing other things, like bike riding or cleaning your room.

You’ll find other well-loved books like IT and Pet Sematary as you move through the list. Each book has a unique story but shares the common theme of facing fears. You’ll enjoy seeing how the scary parts and characters develop by keeping track of the books in order.

Reading Stephen King’s horror novels in order can be a thrilling experience. You’ll be able to follow the growth of a great writer and see how his stories have helped shape the horror genre. If you love feeling scared and excited, these books are perfect.

Stephen King Novels in Order by Genre: Suspense and Thriller

Stephen King is also famous for his suspense and thriller novels. These books keep you guessing what will happen next. They are full of surprises and make you want to keep turning the pages to discover more. Reading these books in order helps you understand how Stephen King has become so good at making stories that are both exciting and a bit scary.

One of the first books he wrote in this style is Misery. In this book, a writer finds himself in a tricky situation when meeting his biggest fan. Following Misery, King wrote The Tommyknockers and Needful Things, adding excitement and mysterious events that challenge the characters.

These books are not just fun to read but also teach you about how people react in different situations. This makes the stories feel real and keeps you connected to the characters. If you are interested in reading books exploring real-life feelings and choices, you can find Stephen King’s suspense and thriller novels listed as some of the best non-fiction.

As you keep reading the books in order, you’ll see how King’s ability to build suspense grows. Each book has its way of keeping you interested and surprised. This makes reading his books a great choice if you like stories full of twists and turns.

Stephen King Novels in Order by Genre: Science Fiction

Stephen King has also written some great science fiction novels. These books often include interesting ideas about time travel and other exciting science topics. They are perfect for readers who like to think about the future and enjoy stories that take them to different worlds.

One of the first science fiction books by King is The Running Man. It tells about a future where a game show lets people run for their lives to win money. Like his others, this book is full of fast-paced action and big ideas about society. Following this, he wrote Firestarter, which explores the idea of a young girl with the power to start fires with her mind.

If you enjoy thinking about how technology might change our lives, these books interest you. They are fun to read and make you wonder about many ‘what if’ scenarios. Amazing books like these can also be successful with the help of Ghostwriting Founder.

Reading Stephen King’s science fiction novels in order helps you appreciate how his storytelling in this genre has evolved. Each book brings new ideas and keeps you excited about reading more.

Stephen King Novels in Order by Genre: Fantasy

Stephen King has written some amazing fantasy novels as well. These books often include mystic elements and strange new worlds. They are great for readers who enjoy seeing how ordinary people deal with extraordinary situations. Reading these books in order lets you see how King mixes the real world with the magical one to tell stories that are both fun and thought-provoking.

A well-known fantasy book by King is The Eyes of the Dragon. This book takes you to a kingdom ruled by kings and queens and filled with magic. Another popular series is The Dark Tower, which blends magic, the Old West, and other worlds into one big adventure. This series shows how King can create a vast, complex world that imprisons your imagination.

These fantasy novels are not just stories; they are also about how people face big challenges. They show the strength and courage that characters need to succeed. The book marketing agency lists these books as must-reads for anyone interested in stories where the real and magical worlds collide.

Stephen King’s fantasy novels provide a wonderful mix of magic and reality. Each book builds on the last, making the story richer and more exciting.


We have explored various genres of Stephen King novels in order, from spine-chilling horror stories to suspenseful thrillers, imaginative science fiction, and magical fantasy tales. Stephen King has written a vast array of books that can suit any reader’s taste. Whether you prefer stories that keep you on the edge of your seat or tales that transport you to another world, there is something in King’s collection for you.

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