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How to Cite Multiple Authors in MLA: A Complete Guide

Introduction In this guide, the ghostwriting founder will walk you through how to Cite Multiple Authors in MLA format. First, we’ll look at a basic example of citing an article with multiple authors using the updated eighth-edition MLA guidelines, similar to the detailed steps found in our Complete Book Tropes List. Then we’ll dive into ... [Read More]

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15 Best Horror Authors You Must Read

Numerous talented authors have mastered the art of crafting terrifying stories in literature, much like the Tips and 8 Elements of How to Write an Adventure Story. These storytellers, known as horror authors, can transport readers to dark and mysterious realms. From Stephen King’s hair-raising novels to Edgar Allan Poe’s haunting poetry, this introduction will ... [Read More]

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Brands for Authors: Make Your Name an Asset

Are you an author who wants to make a name for yourself in the literary world? Do you want to create a brand representing your writing style and helping you connect with readers? Your name is not just a label. It’s an asset. Author branding is the one thing that readers will remember long after ... [Read More]

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