Julie Garwood Books In Order 35+ Novels: The Essential Reading Guide

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Julie Garwood has been writing passionate love stories for almost 40 years, and her books have captured the hearts of many readers. If you look at the order in which she wrote her books, you can see how her career has developed and how she has grown as a writer.

Julie Garwood’s romantic stories are set in different periods and places, like medieval Scotland, Regency England, frontier Montana, and modern-day Louisiana. But in all her books, you’ll find common themes like family, loyalty, honor, and the intense feeling of love.

About Julie Garwood

Julie Garwood had a late start in learning to read because she missed a lot of school due to illness. But when she finally learned to read, she fell in love with it.

She grew up in a big Irish family with six siblings, so stories always surrounded her. She realized early on that she had to be creative and quick with her storytelling.

Even though she had a passion for telling stories, she didn’t start writing until all three of her children were in school. She began writing historical romances a little while later, where she found great success.

She’s best known for her steamy Highlander romances and other historical romances. But around 2000, she started writing a popular series of romantic suspense novels.

One of her books, “For the Roses” from “The Clayborne Brides” series, was turned into a well-liked Hallmark movie called “Rose Hill.”

There are over 40 million copies of her books in print worldwide, and her books have been translated into 32 languages. Julie Garwood currently lives near Kansas City.

Standalone Books

Julie Garwood’s first book that she wrote using her real name, not a fake one, was a standalone book called “Gentle Warrior.” This book marked the start of her career as an author, where she mostly wrote historical romances, often set in the Highlands. Her final standalone book was a Western-themed novel. You can learn more about each of these books’ names here.

  1. Gentle Warrior (1985)
  2. Rebellious Desire (1986)
  3. Honor’s Splendour (1987)
  4. The Prize (1991)
  5. Saving Grace (1993)
  6. Prince Charming (1994)

Wildfire Books

In the 1980s and 1990s, Julie Garwood, who wrote romance novels, also contributed to many romance books. This series had lots of books written by different authors.

Julie Garwood’s book in the Wildfire series is the 79th one. These books have similar themes but don’t have characters or stories that connect.

One of her books in this series is called “A Girl Named Summer,” and it was published in 1986.

Crown’s Spies Books

Julie Garwood wrote a series of books called “Crown’s Spies.” These books are set in England during the Regency era and focus on themes like piracy and passionate love stories. While these books have common themes, each introduces new main characters.

Reading the books in the order they were published is a good idea to fully enjoy the series. This is because the stories all happen in the same world and follow a chronological timeline. You’ll also notice early mentions of characters who later become the main characters in the series.

  1. The Lion’s Lady (1988)
  2. Guardian Angel (1990)
  3. The Gift (1991)
  4. Castles (1993)

Lairds’ Fiancées Books

These two stories have similar ideas but focus on two different pairs of people. The first book, ‘The Bride,’ in the Lairds’ Fiancée series, is one of Julie Garwood’s most famous works. These stories are set in medieval Scotland, and both books involve people getting married for practical reasons rather than love.

  1. The Bride (1989)
  2. The Wedding (1996)

Highlands’ Lairds Books

As the series name suggests, the Highlands’ Laird’s books are set in medieval Scotland. Three books in this series tell a unique story about a different couple, even though they all have similar themes.

  1. The Secret (1992)
  2. Ransom (1999)
  3. Shadow Music (2007)

The Clayborne Brides / Rose Hill Books

After writing several historical romance series set in England and Scotland, Julie Garwood tried her hand at writing her first Western romance series. These books were set in Blue Belle, Montana, in 1879.

If you plan to read all the books in this series, reading them in order is a good idea. The first book introduces the family and the setting. The next three books each focus on a different Clayborne brother, and Garwood wraps up the series with a family reunion. The final book is just as filled with drama and love as the earlier ones.

  1. For the Roses (1995)
  2. One Pink Rose (1997)
  3. One White Rose (1997)
  4. One Red Rose (1997)
  5. Come the Spring (1997)

Buchanan-Renard Books

Around the turn of the 2000s, Julie Garwood’s books took on a different style and setting. ‘Heartbreaker’ was her first attempt at romantic suspense and has become her longest-running series. Each book introduces new main characters and love stories, but the background characters are connected.

So, reading these Julie Garwood books in the order they were published is a good idea. You’ll meet the characters in the right sequence and avoid potential spoilers. These stories are set all over the United States.

Suppose you’re reading all of Julie Garwood’s books in order. In that case, you’ll also find little nods to her earlier historical romance works and some minor appearances by characters from her other books, which can be quite enjoyable and nostalgic.

  1. Heartbreaker (2000)
  2. Mercy (2001)
  3. Killjoy (2002)
  4. Murder List (2004)
  5. Slow Burn (2005)
  6. Shadow Dance (2006)
  7. Fire and Ice (2008)
  8. Sizzle (2009)
  9. The Ideal Man (2011)
  10. Sweet Talk (2012)
  11. Hotshot (2013)
  12. Fast Track (2014)
  13. Wired (2017)
  14. Grace Under Fire (2022)

The Girls of Canby Hall Books

This book was Julie Garwood’s first novel, but we’ve included it at the end of our list of Julie Garwood’s books in order because it was published under a different name. ‘What’s a Girl to Do?’ is part of a bigger series created by several authors using the pen name ‘Emily Chase.’ Garwood’s part is the fourteenth book in this series.

  1. What’s a Girl to Do? (1985) (Out of Print)

An Overview of Julie Garwood’s Standalone Novels in Chronological Order

Julie Garwood wrote many books, with the Buchanan-Renard series being the most famous. However, she also wrote some books that can be enjoyed independently. In this summary, we’ll give you a quick look at those standalone books by Julie Garwood. These stories were written in the early years of her career and are mostly set in medieval times, but one takes place in the American West.

Book 1: “Gentle Warrior”

In old-time England, Elizabeth Montwright survived a terrible attack that wiped out her family and forced her to leave her family’s castle. Fueled by a desire for revenge, she entered the castle disguised as a commoner. Her goal was to seek help from Geoffrey Berkley, a powerful baron who had defeated the attackers.

He listened to her requests, resisted her demands, and promised to make her fall in love with him. While Elizabeth struggled against his affection, she fell in love with this brave man who would soon defend her cause and win her spirited heart.

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Book 2: “Rebellious Desire”

Of all the dukes in England, Jered Marcus Benton, the Duke of Bradford, was the richest, most good-looking, and, unfortunately, the proudest. Among all the ladies in London, he only desired one thing – the sweet, obedient love of Caroline Richmond.

Caroline, an astonishing beauty from Boston with a mysterious past and a fiery spirit caught the eye of this powerful duke. She was not put off by his arrogance and was determined to earn his lasting affection.

But Bradford was a man who wouldn’t easily yield to any woman until a dangerous plot brought them closer together. United against a common enemy, they discovered a strong attraction that drew them together. This desire was born out of danger but destined to grow into love.

Book 3: “Honor’s Splendour”

In the tumultuous English court, Lady Madelyne, with her gentle spirit, endured the harsh and erratic treatment at the hands of her ruthless brother, Baron Loudon. However, vengeance for a bitter crime led Baron Duncan of Wexton, famously known as ‘the Wolf,’ to unleash his formidable warriors against Loudon.

Madelyne, an exquisite beauty, became the prize captured by the Wolf, but as he gazed upon her with pride, he pledged his life to protect her. In his rugged castle, Duncan remained resolute in upholding his honor. Yet, she surrendered her heart and soul when their noble passion overcame them.

Now, driven by their profound love, Madelyne was determined to stand unwaveringly, just as bravely as her formidable Lord, the Wolf, who fought for the Splendor of Honor.

Book 4: “The Prize”

In the grandeur of William the Conqueror’s court in London, a beautiful Saxon captive named Lady Nicholaa had to pick a husband from the gathered Norman nobles. She chose Royce, a warrior baron whose tough exterior couldn’t hide his courteous and kind heart.

Nicholaa was clever, spirited, and a bit inexperienced. She was determined to make Royce do things her way, even though he stirred up a whirlwind of emotions. Royce, fierce in battle and passionate in love, was surprised by the depth of his feelings every time he held his lovely bride.

In a time filled with betrayal, where the Saxons still plotted against their Norman conquerors, Royce and Nicholaa enjoyed their newfound love. Unfortunately, loyalty to their blood, family, and homeland would soon test this intense connection.

Book 5: “Saving Grace”

When Lady Joanna discovered she was a widow, she promised never to marry again. However, King John insisted that she marry again and even chose a husband for her. It seemed like she had to agree, but then her dear foster brother suggested she marry his friend, the handsome Scottish warrior Gabriel MacBain.

At first, Joanna was hesitant, but as Gabriel gently revealed the wonderful life they could have together, she began to suspect that she was falling in love with her tough new husband. It became clear to the whole clan in the Scottish Highlands that their gruff but noble leader had given his heart completely to her.

But now, a dangerous royal plot threatened to separate them and harm the man whose love meant more to Joanna than she could have ever imagined.

Book 6: Prince Charming

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Taylor Stapleton. She was very sad because her fiancé ran away with her cousin. Only her dear grandmother, Lady Esther, knew how heartbroken Taylor was. Lady Esther was a rich and powerful woman in London and was very sick.

Before she passed away, Lady Esther wanted to help Taylor with a clever plan. Taylor was in danger of being taken care of by her dishonest uncle. So, Lady Esther suggested that Taylor marry a strong American rancher, Lucas Ross. Lady Esther would provide money to help Ross return to Montana.

Taylor had her secret reason for wanting to go to America. She had an important inheritance that she hadn’t told Ross about. They had agreed to go their separate ways once they reached Boston. However, as Taylor listened to her handsome new husband talk about life in Montana, she began to dream of a new life there. To her, the wide-open spaces of Montana seemed like a beautiful paradise.

Novel Vs Book: Differences & Comparison

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What Is the Most Demanded Genre for Professional Book Writing Services?

The most demanded genre for professional book writing services can vary over time and may depend on current trends and market demand. However, popular genres often include fiction genres like romance, mystery, science fiction, and non-fiction genres such as self-help, business, and memoirs. Factors like cultural trends, reader favorites, and the target audience’s needs may also influence the demand for a particular genre. Professional book writing services must stay attuned to market trends and tailor their offerings accordingly.

What Is the Meaning of Author Brands?

The term “author brands” typically refers to the personal brand that an author has developed and is associated with their work. Just like businesses or products have brands that represent their identity and values, authors can also have a brand that reflects their unique style, themes, and overall identity as a writer. This brand helps readers and the literary world identify and connect with the author’s work.

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Essential Elements and Detailed Insights

Series/Category Books Key Features
Standalone Books Gentle Warrior (1985), Rebellious Desire (1986), Honor’s Splendour (1987), The Prize (1991), Saving Grace (1993), Prince Charming (1994) Early works, mostly historical romances set in medieval times and the American West.
Wildfire Series A Girl Named Summer (1986) Part of a larger series with different authors, featuring similar themes but unconnected stories.
Crown’s Spies Series The Lion’s Lady (1988), Guardian Angel (1990), The Gift (1991), Castles (1993) Regency England setting, themes of piracy and romance, interconnected world.
Lairds’ Fiancées Series The Bride (1989), The Wedding (1996) Set in medieval Scotland, stories of marriages for practical reasons.
Highlands’ Lairds Series The Secret (1992), Ransom (1999), Shadow Music (2007) Medieval Scotland setting, each book tells a unique story.
The Clayborne Brides / Rose Hill Series For the Roses (1995), One Pink Rose (1997), One White Rose (1997), One Red Rose (1997), Come the Spring (1997) Western romance series set in Montana, focuses on the Clayborne family.
Buchanan-Renard Series Heartbreaker (2000) to Grace Under Fire (2022) Romantic suspense novels set across the United States, featuring new characters in each book.
The Girls Of Canby Hall Series What’s a Girl to Do? (1985) (Out of Print) First novel written under a pseudonym, part of a larger series by various authors.
Overview of Standalone Novels Detailed descriptions of each standalone book Focus on individual stories, mostly set in historical contexts.


If you like different kinds of love stories, you should read Julie Garwood’s books in the right order. Julie Garwood has written romance stories in different settings, like history, the Wild West, and thrilling suspense. So, no matter what type of romance you like, you’ll find a passionate love story to get lost in.

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