Most Profitable Books to Sell On Amazon

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The ever-growing online marketplace of Amazon has created a thriving platform for book sellers to generate substantial profits. Finding the right books to sell on this platform will improve both new and veteran seller’s odds of success.

With Ghostwriting founders identify what readers consider when choosing the best-selling books on Amazon. With this guide, you will understand what kind of books do well on Amazon, and then when you sell books on Amazon, you will not just venture into a non-profit category.

Best books to sell on Amazon

Regarding the best books to sell on Amazon, the key lies in identifying books that register as profitable and in demand on your book-scanning app. These gems can be found across various genres, but some categories tend to be more lucrative than others:

  • Business & Money
  • Self Help
  • Christian Books & Bibles
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Computers & Technology (preferably newer; older ones may not fare well)
  • Education & Teaching
  • Health, Fitness & Dieting (with occasional hits or misses)
  • Medical Books
  • Science & Math
  • Test Preparation (if up-to-date)
  • Repair Manuals (e.g., Cars – though success depends on the specific car; often, these are in poor condition and not worth selling)
  • Textbooks (must be newer, and they can be among the most profitable if resold)

This exploration into profitable Amazon book categories aims to guide you strategically during those library sale moments, ensuring your scanning efforts lead to rewarding discoveries.

Why do these books sell better?

Here is an explanation of why these books sell better than others on Amazon.

1. Textbooks

No one is surprised that textbooks claim the top spot among the best books to sell on Amazon. This category boasts an unparalleled concentration of valuable books.

While relying on a scanner app for book selection, unmistakable physical indicators signal a textbook’s worth.

Keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Recent publication date
  • Barcode sticker covering the original barcode, indicating a prior sale
  • Used sticker on the spine, suggesting a previous sale

Certain types of textbooks generally hold more value than others. The guiding principle here is straightforward: the more potential a textbook has to enhance skills, the higher its value.

Considering this, focus on the following textbook subjects:

  • Business/Finance
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Math/Physics

In essence, this section could easily be titled “instructional books” because that’s precisely what textbooks are – they teach you something.

When listing textbooks on Amazon, it’s advisable not to rush into immediate sales.

2. Computer books

As mentioned earlier, the most valuable books impart knowledge capable of significantly boosting people’s earnings. If you take a moment to look up the average salary of a software engineer, the reason why books about computers rank high in this category becomes evident.

When referring to books about computers, the focus is specifically on those that provide insights into various aspects of computers, such as:

  • Programming languages
  • Software programs
  • Computer architecture

While many informative books can be classified as textbooks, their remarkable profitability and value warrant a dedicated section. If you find yourself at a book sale or bookstore with a computer section, it’s advisable to make that your first stop unless a textbook section is available – in which case, prioritize that.

3. Business books

In contrast to computer books, numerous business books don’t fall into the textbook category. However, these business books can still potentially bring in terrific profits. Those purchasing them usually have more disposable income than buyers in other book categories. (That is also one reason why business book ghostwriters often charge more)

This heightened spending willingness becomes crucial when utilizing FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). FBA offerings come with the perk of two-day Prime shipping, providing more value than non-Prime merchant-fulfilled offers.

Buyers with ample disposable income, like those interested in business books compared to best non-fiction or psychology books, are more inclined to pay a premium for this swift shipping.

Consequently, business books with Prime shipping are more likely to fetch a higher price than most other books.

4. Fantasy books:

Fantasy books stand out as one of their most consistent income-generating categories. Several reasons contribute to this success.

Firstly, a significant number of valuable fantasy books come in the form of pocket paperbacks. Unfortunately, many sellers mistakenly dismiss all pocket paperbacks, considering them worthless and avoiding them altogether.

This oversight often leaves the fantasy section untouched at book sales, allowing savvy sellers to explore it towards the end of the event and make substantial finds.

Secondly, many sellers lack the know-how to properly scan pocket paperbacks. Simply scanning the barcode on the back cover tends to yield irrelevant results or no results at all. To successfully scan a pocket paperback on your app, you must open the front cover and scan the barcode inside. While this may be inconvenient, the effort pays off when dealing with fantasy pocket paperbacks.

Thirdly, first-edition fantasy books are more appealing than first-editions in other genres. If you come across a first edition, its value might surpass the initial scan’s estimate.

5. New books

While new books aren’t strictly a genre, their considerable surge in value compared to used copies warrants acknowledgment. It’s worth noting the cautious approach when labeling a book as “New.” The criteria for this designation involve the book being sealed and unopened in its original plastic wrap. This can either be a novel, or you can even list your comic book creation in it.

Unlike some sellers who categorize used books in impeccable condition as “New,” this practice is avoided to avoid potential negative feedback. To err on caution, only books that remain sealed in their original plastic wrap cut a “New” listing.

Should you come across a book still encased in its initial plastic wrapping, it’s advisable to pause whatever you’re doing and promptly scan it. The potential value of such a find can often surpass that of its opened or used counterparts.

6. Manga books

Few joys in life compare to stumbling upon a stack of manga books. This sentiment isn’t rooted in a particular fondness for Japanese culture but in that manga books usually come in expansive sets.

The allure lies in the interconnected nature of a manga series – finding one book often leads to discovering the entire series. Since a manga series essentially tells one extensive story, purchasing all the books in the series becomes essential to grasp the full narrative. Consequently, manga enthusiasts tend to acquire and donate the entire set simultaneously.

The thrill intensifies when a manga series proves to be especially valuable. Imagine a series with 15 books, each valued at $30 – in under a minute, you could secure books worth $450.

Therefore, if you come across a sale or store with a manga section, it’s wise to make it one of your first stops. The potential for valuable finds in a manga series makes exploring it a rewarding and efficient area.


Properly capitalizing on the huge Amazon customer base entails a strategic approach toward picking the most lucrative books to sell. With taking into account genre, sales rank, and Kindle Direct Publishing options in mind, sellers can optimize their profits.

With the constantly changing online market landscape, staying up to date and keeping pace with trends will ensure that selling popular books at a high-profit point is attainable on Amazon.

So why wait? Hire a professional book writing agency today and get started to write an amazing book and then sell it to make a profit.

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