Amazon Book Conditions 101 | How to List Your Books Correctly in 2024

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Amazon offers a platform where millions of new, used, or collectible books are listed daily.

However, it’s essential to accurately describe your Amazon book condition to ensure a high-quality customer experience. It’s also important to avoid returns, refunds, and possible negative reviews if you’re a seller.

Guide for Listing Your Books On Amazon in 2024:

1. New (N):

  • Definition: Brand-new, unused, unread book in perfect condition.
  • Criteria:
    • No missing or damaged pages.
    • No markings, highlighting, or writing inside.
    • A dust jacket (if applicable) is included and in excellent condition.

2. Like New (LN):

  • Definition: The Amazon book conditions that look new but have been read. The cover and pages are intact, with no visible wear.
  • Criteria:
    • No creases, folds, or torn pages.
    • No writing, highlighting, or underlining.
    • A dust jacket (if applicable) is included and in excellent condition.

3. Very Good (VG):

  • Definition: A well-cared-for book that has seen limited use. The spine may show creasing, and the pages might have minimal highlighting or writing.
  • Criteria:
    • Slight wear but no tears or damage.
    • The pages are clean with no major markings.
    • Dust jackets (if applicable) may show slight wear.

4. Good (G):

  • Definition: A book that has been read and is in good condition. It may have significant wear on the cover, highlighting, or writing.
  • Criteria:
    • Visible wear but no missing pages.
    • It may contain limited highlighting or writing.
    • Dust jackets (if applicable) may be missing or have significant wear.

5. Acceptable (A):

  • Definition: A readable copy with noticeable wear. It may have significant markings or writing.
  • Criteria:
    • Pages may be creased, folded, or have tears.
    • Significant wear on the cover.
    • It may contain extensive highlighting, writing, or underlining.

6. Collectible (C):

  • Definition: An Amazon book is considered collectible due to its rarity, age, or unique qualities.
  • Criteria:
    • Generally well-preserved.
    • It may have limited signs of wear or aging.
    • Special editions, signed copies, or limited releases fall into this category.

Additional Tips:

  • Accurate Description: Provide a detailed and honest description of your book’s condition.
  • Quality Images: Include clear images of the book, highlighting imperfections.
  • Price Consideration: Price your book competitively based on its condition.

The Art of Making Compelling Amazon Book Listings

A key part of selling books is considering Amazon book conditions and making ads that work well. These ads are like your online shop, so they need to be interesting and full of useful information to bring in buyers.


The name of the book and the author should be clear in the title of your entry. Other useful details, like the edition and whether it’s a hardback, print copy, or whether the author signs it, can also be added.


To increase the number of search results for your listing, use relevant keywords. Consider what people might search for when they want to buy a book like yours, like the type, the subject, or certain features.

In-Depth Description:

Your description should tell the reader everything they need to know about the book. This includes the book’s state, any special features it might have, and a summary of what it’s about. A possible buyer is more likely to buy if your explanation is correct and full of details.

Reasonable Pricing:

You must price your books fairly. Find items on Amazon similar to yours to find out how much books like yours usually sell. When you set your price, don’t forget to include Amazon’s fees, the book publishing cost and the shipping rate.

Most Popular Book to Sell On Amazon:

Here are some of the most popular book kinds recommended by Ghostwriting Founder to sell on Amazon:

New Book

Some people like to read new books, which could be a great chance for you to sell them on Amazon. Book producers, dealers, and wholesalers are all places where you can get new books. It’s risky to sell new books because sales could go through the roof or fall short, so don’t buy many of them at once.

Used Book

Since children’s book publishing books are easy to find in shops and don’t cost much, selling them can make you money. You can also sell books you used to read but don’t need anymore. You can also check out library sales and online marketplaces to find used books to sell on your Amazon store.


You can also list used college or school books that are still in good shape if you have many on your shelf. When you list the self-publishing guide, include the correct state. You can make a lot of money from it during sales or when school starts again.


If you are a teacher or tutor, you can sell your eBooks online to reach people worldwide. KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) lets you put out your eBooks and gives you full power over the rights to your products. You can also set prices, get rewards, and make changes at any time with KDP.

Books without ISBNs

A registration code called an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is on the sticker or inside the dust jacket. It’s possible that your books from before 1970 do not have an ISBN.

Yes, an exception may be made in such an instance; however, the author and publication date must still be included with the book’s information and restrictions.

Why Should You Sell Books on Amazon?

Here are some reasons why it can be a good idea to publish a book on Amazon for small businesses and also increase sales:

A lot of Customers:

Amazon is one of the biggest internet stores in the world, and every day, millions of people who might buy something look at it. You can reach many people who might not have found your books any other way by putting them on Amazon.

Delivery Services:

Amazon has many delivery services, such as shipping, packing, and storing items. This can save you time and money and give customers shipping choices they can trust.

Tools for Advertising:

Amazon has a set of tools for advertising and book distribution strategies that can help you get more people to buy your books. Sponsored product ads, banner ads, and video ads are some of these tools.

Easy to Use:

Amazon’s platform is made to be simple and quick to use, even for users who are new to the site. It only takes minutes to make an account and start selling.

Competitive Fees:

Amazon does charge fees to sell things on their site, but these fees are about the same as those charged by other online stores. Also, there are no start-up costs because you only pay fees when you make a sale.


Successfully selling books on Amazon has the potential to be a profitable business. You can make money on Amazon by learning about their rules, ensuring your ads are as good as they can be, and selling good books.

To succeed on Amazon, as in any other business, you must be patient, persistent, and always learning.

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