25 Strongest Female Characters in The DC Universe

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  • February 7, 2024
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The DC Universe is home to many powerful female superheroes and villains with extraordinary abilities, skills, and determination. While male characters like Superman, Batman, and The Flash often take center stage, female characters are equally as compelling and essential to DC’s expansive mythology.

Though they come from all walks of life, many Strong Women in DC struggle against limitations and assumptions placed on women. However, they overcome these obstacles with resolve, serving as inspirational figures.

Their presence across comics, films, and shows demonstrates that women can be just as iconic, mighty, and impactful as their male counterparts.

In this article, the Ghostwriting Founders have highlighted some of the most formidable women in DC Comics who exemplify power, tenacity, and character.

1. Wonder Woman

One of the strongest of all the Strong Women in DC universe’s USA Today bestsellers comics is Wonder Woman.

She is an Amazon princess and a demigoddess with great strength, speed, and fighting skills. The origin of Wonder Woman can be traced to the Amazon tribe created by the Greek gods, which gave her otherworldly powers and weapons such as Lasso o Truth from the Justice League movie. In addition, she has indestructible bracelets.

Once traveling away from her home island of Themyscira, Wonder Woman accepted being a superhero and representative of women who fight against injustice. With her ultimate strength, military skills, sorceress gadgets and strong code of ethics, Wonder Woman is an avenger for the right.

She is a valued part of the Justice League and infuses each mission with compassion, diligence and fidelity. Even among DC’s best heroes, Wonder Woman stands out through her righteousness in protecting the innocent and waging a war for peace.

2. Supergirl

One of the most recognized and Strong Women in the DC universe is Supergirl. Her actual name is Kara Zor-El, and she was a cousin to Superman from planet Krypton.

Similarly, she possesses a set of superpowers from Earth’s yellow sun, such as super strength and speed, durability with x-ray vision, heat vision, and the ability to fly.

Despite her initial portrayal as a female version of Superman, Supergirl has become more complex and unique in terms of personalities and conflicts.

She is torn between wanting to live in Superman’s shadow and paying homage to her Kryptonian heritage. Supergirl bravely battles perils on Earth while grieving over losing her family and home planet.

3. Power Girl

Power Girl is a powerful heroine from an alternate universe in the DC multiverse. Originally known as Kara Zor-L, she is the cousin of Superman and was known on her home world of Earth-2 as Supergirl. After a cosmic crisis destroyed her universe, Power Girl became stranded on the mainstream DC Universe’s Earth.

Power Girl frequently clashes with other heroes over her fierce desire to control her life and make decisions. She chafes under the leadership of others and often strikes out on her own rather than wait for the Justice Society’s orders. This independent streak frequently gets Power Girl in trouble, but she always makes the save.

Despite her arguments with teammates, Power Girl is extremely loyal and will fight to the death to protect innocent lives. Her determination to overcome evil no matter the odds makes her one of the strongest heroes in the DC Universe.

4. Huntress (Helena Wayne):

Helena Wayne, also known as Huntress, hails from an alternate Earth as the daughter of Batman and Catwoman. Trained by her iconic parents, Huntress combines detective skills with combat prowess, offering a unique perspective to crime-fighting in the DC Multiverse.

5. Lady Shiva (Sandra Wu-San):

Lady Shiva, or Sandra Wu-San, is one of the deadliest martial artists and strongest women in the DC Universe. Her mastery of multiple fighting styles and her enigmatic and morally complex character make her a force to be reckoned with in hero and villain circles.

6. Big Barda

One of the most formidable females in all DC Universe, Big Barda is a rising star among New Gods – cosmic beings. Being a native of Apokolips, ravaged by war, Barda grew up to be an honorary warrior who served under Darkseid’s tyranny.

She received harsh training to become a leader of Darkseid’s Female Furies before finally rebelling against her master and renouncing the violent background.

From her marvelous physical abilities and the ability to battle, Barda escaped Apokolips, coming along with Earth, where she met Mister Miracle, an escapologist hero. Starting as enemies, they became close friends and fell in love. Barda and Miracle eventually got married, which brought together her fighting prowess with his cleverness to become a duo that constantly foils Darkseid’s plans.

Barda’s softer side behind her tough exterior is evident through their relationship. Barda is a New God with superhuman abilities. She is very strong and tough, and she can also run fast.

7. Cassandra Cain (Batgirl/Orphan):

Cassandra Cain, who has assumed the roles of Batgirl and Orphan, possesses unparalleled combat skills. Trained from a young age to read body language instead of words, Cassandra’s unique approach to crime-fighting adds a fresh dynamic to the family’s legacy.

8. Dinah Laurel Lance (Black Canary II):

Dinah Laurel Lance, the second Black Canary, is known for her “Canary Cry,” a powerful sonic scream. With her exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills and a strong sense of justice, Black Canary is a vital member of the superhero community, standing tall alongside her iconic peers.

9. Starfire

Another one of the Strong Women in DC Universe is Starfire. An alien princess from the planet Tamaran, Starfire, came to Earth as a teenager and joined the Teen Titans.

Starfire stands out in any crowd with her bright orange skin and glowing green eyes. She can absorb ultraviolet radiation and convert it into energy, allowing her to exhibit great strength and the ability to fly. Starfire can also release this energy from her hands as powerful blasts called starbolts.

In addition to her superhuman strength and energy powers, Starfire is highly resilient to damage. Her alien physiology provides her greater durability and endurance compared to humans.

She is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat, utilizing her Tamaranean fighting style to defeat enemies. While still a teenager, Starfire was essential in defeating the cosmic threat Trigon and saving the planet.

10. Batwoman (Kate Kane):

The Next we have on our list is Batwoman, also known as Kate Kane. Armed with determination and an unwavering sense of justice, Batwoman is a skilled fighter and detective. Her resilience and tactical brilliance make her a force to be reckoned with in Gotham City.

11. Huntress (Helena Bertinelli):

Huntress, or Helena Bertinelli, is a fierce vigilante with a vengeance-driven mission. Trained in combat and marksmanship, she navigates the shadows with deadly precision. Her complex background adds layers to her character, making her a Strong Woman in DCUniverse.

12. Raven

Raven is among the most powerful and Strong Women in the DC Universe. As the daughter of the interdimensional demon Trigon and a human mother, Raven is a half-demon sorceress with immense magical abilities. She first appeared in DC Comic book creation in the 1980s as one of the core members of the Teen Titans superhero team.

The demonic heritage empowers Raven with supernatural skills such as telekinesis, astral projection, teleportation, psychical capacities including empathy and the ability to manipulate shadows or dark energy.

She can send her spirit soul out of her body, turning it into a Dark Raven raven shape. Raven uses her soul as a weapon of war and movement. She is empathetic and, therefore, able to transfer the pain and feelings of others.

Nevertheless, she has to maintain her own emotions under control at all times because any emotional surge may bring out the demonic side alien inside her.

13. Zatanna Zatara – The Magical Mistress of the DC Universe

One of the DC Universe’s most powerful sorceresses and an original Justice League member is Zatanna Zatara. She was Giovanni Zatara’s daughter and possessed amazing magical gifts that enabled her to use the black magic of reversed words.

Zatanna first appeared in 1964’s Hawkman #4 and has been present in DC comics. She is one of the most recognizable comic magic users because of her trademark unusual costume, fishnet stockings and top hat. She can mold magical forces into illusions, elemental effects, teleportation transmutations, etc. Her spells only have a limitation of willpower and creativity.

As a hero, Zatanna uses her powers to help the Justice League against supernatural and all too close perils. The defining traits of Zatanna are her determination, kindness and awe.

But even without her magic words, she is a fearless heroine who does not hesitate to fight for what’s right. In confidence and showmanship, she stands out as one of DC’s most powerful female characters.

14. Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris):

Closing our exploration is Carol Ferris, who becomes the Star Sapphire, a wielder of the violet light of love. As Star Sapphire, Carol possesses powerful energy constructs and abilities tied to the emotional spectrum, adding a cosmic and emotional dimension to the DC Universe.

15. Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore):

Stargirl, also known as Courtney Whitmore, wields the Cosmic Staff, granting her enhanced strength, agility, and the ability to manipulate cosmic energy. Her youthful exuberance and determination make her a beacon of hope among the younger generation of heroes.

16. Black Canary

Black Canary is one of the strongest female superheroes in the DC Universe, known for being an expert martial artist and possessing a powerful sonic scream called the “canary cry.” Her real name is Dinah Lance, and her mother originally trained her to become a crime fighter.

Black Canary has no superpowers, but she is a world-class martial artist proficient in judo, boxing, capoeira, krav maga and other fighting styles. She can take down enemies far stronger than herself through her skills in hand-to-hand combat. Her agility and combat prowess make her an extremely formidable foe.

17. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon):

Barbara Gordon, the iconic Batgirl, exemplifies intelligence and courage. A skilled gymnast and martial artist, Batgirl fights crime with unmatched agility. Beyond her physical prowess, her technological expertise, showcased as Oracle, adds an extra dimension to her character.

18. Catwoman (Selina Kyle):

Next is Selina Kyle, the enigmatic Catwoman, whose agility and stealth rival the most skilled felines. A master thief with a complex moral compass, Catwoman walks the line between hero and antihero, making her one of the most intriguing characters in the DC Universe.

19. Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley):

Pamela Isley, also known as Poison Ivy, harnesses the power of plants to defend the natural world. Her control over flora and her captivating allure make her a unique and formidable force. Poison Ivy challenges the traditional dichotomy of hero and villain, adding shades of complexity to the DC narrative.

20. Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel):

Harley Quinn, the unpredictable and manic accomplice of the Joker, brings chaos and charisma to the DC Universe. Despite her seemingly unhinged nature, Harley’s intelligence and combat skills make her a standout character. Her evolution from sidekick to antihero showcases the depth of her character.

21. Hawkgirl (Shayera Hol):

Hawkgirl, or Shayera Hol, possesses a rich history and formidable abilities. Endowed with enhanced strength and flight due to her connection with Nth metal, Hawkgirl fights alongside her fellow heroes with unwavering dedication. Her warrior spirit adds a touch of ancient mysticism to the DC Universe.

22. Vixen (Mari McCabe):

Mari McCabe, known as Vixen, is a superhero with a unique power – the ability to harness the abilities of animals. Her connection to the animal kingdom enhances her strength, speed, and agility. Vixen’s dynamic and nature-inspired powers set her apart as a force for good in the DC Universe.

23. Oracle (Barbara Gordon):

Beyond her role as Batgirl, Barbara Gordon takes on the mantle of Oracle, showcasing her resilience in the face of adversity. Despite a life-altering event, Oracle’s strategic brilliance and technological prowess make her a key player in the superhero landscape.

24. Mera (Aquaman’s Wife):

Mera, the queen of Atlantis and wife of Aquaman, commands the power of water with grace and strength. Her abilities extend from hydrokinesis to superhuman strength, making her a formidable ally and protector of the oceans.

25. Supergirl’s Nemesis – Livewire (Leslie Willis):

Livewire, a Supergirl’s nemesis, can control and generate electricity. Her electrifying powers and unpredictable nature make her a formidable opponent. Livewire’s clashes with Supergirl add electrifying excitement to the DC Universe.


Many incredibly powerful and complex female characters exemplify strength, intelligence, and leadership throughout the DC Universe contemporary fiction.

These diverse female characters show women can be as strong, strategic, and fearless as any male hero. Their journeys resonate with readers as they overcome struggles, find inner courage, and fight for justice.

The DC Universe is all the richer for its compelling portrayal of these groundbreaking superheroines. Their legacies will continue to inspire future generations of fans around the world.

These diverse female characters comprehensively illustrate that women can rival their male counterparts in strength, strategy, and bravery. Their writing journeys resonate with readers as they conquer hardships, discover inner audacity, and battle for justice.

Indeed, the DC universe brims with a richer depth due to the compelling portrayal of these groundbreaking superheroines. The amazing part is that although these comics were first published for adults, many have publish children’s book versions.

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