30+ Carl Hiaasen Books in Order: The Complete Order Guide

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Many authors stand out not just for their short story writing expertise but also for their ability to create worlds so vivid readers find themselves completely immersed. One such prominent name is Carl Hiaasen, a prolific writer whose works have left an indelible mark on the literary world.

His ability to blend humor, suspense, and social commentary has earned him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. Beyond entertainment, his works encourage readers to reflect on societal issues, environmental conservation, and the complexities of human nature.

Detailed Guide on Carl Hiaasen Books:

With a writing journey spanning several decades, Carl Hiaasen has gifted readers with various novels, each brimming with unique plots and intriguing personalities.

Here is a list of Carl Hiaasen’s books suggested by Ghostwriting Founder:

“Tourist Season”

Hiaasen’s debut novel follows the story of Skip Wiley, a deranged journalist who sets out to sabotage Florida’s booming tourist industry. Fueled by his version of patriotism, Skip resorts to bizarre tactics, creating chaos and confusion to drive away the tourists he despises. The novel explores identity, patriotism, and the clash between idealism and reality.


“Double Whammy”

In this novel, Hiaasen introduces R.J. Decker, a private investigator entangled in professional bass fishing. Investigating corruption within the industry, Decker navigates a web of deceit, uncovering secrets that threaten not only the reputation of the sport but also his own life.



“Skin Tight”

Featuring former Florida detective Mick Stranahan, “Skin Tight” revolves around the murder of a plastic surgeon and a plot to kill a retired swimwear model. Stranahan becomes embroiled in the case, facing danger and intrigue as he tries to unravel the complex motives behind the crimes.

He skillfully weaves suspense, humor, and sharp social commentary, making this novel gripping.


“Native Tongue”

In “Native Tongue,” Hiaasen explores the clash between environmental conservation and corporate greed. When a Seminole Indian tribe plans to open a gambling casino in Florida, eco-terrorists oppose the venture, leading to a series of hilarious and suspenseful events.

Hiaasen masterfully combines humor and social critique, highlighting the complexities of cultural identity and the struggle for land rights.

“Strip Tease”

“Strip Tease” tells the story of Erin Grant, a single mother who fights to regain custody of her daughter while working as a stripper at a sleazy club frequented by corrupt politicians.

The novel delves into themes of power, corruption, and the lengths a mother will go to protect her child. Hiaasen’s sharp wit and keen observations provide a scathing critique of societal hypocrisy and moral decay.

“Stormy Weather”

Set against the backdrop of a hurricane-ravaged Florida, “Stormy Weather” follows a diverse group of characters as they navigate the chaos and opportunism that arise in the storm’s aftermath.

Carl Hiaasen skillfully portrays the resilience and absurdity of human nature, creating a vivid tapestry of personalities and situations. The novel explores themes of survival, human connection, and the unpredictability of life.

“Lucky You”

“Lucky You” revolves around JoLayne Lucks, a woman who wins the lottery jackpot but finds herself caught in a bizarre scheme involving a white supremacist and a reporter.

As JoLayne fights to protect her winnings, the novel portrays the themes of greed, fate, and the pursuit of the American Dream. Hiaasen’s sharp humor and intricate plot twists make this book thrilling and thought-provoking.

“Basket Case”

“Basket Case” follows investigative reporter Jack Tagger as he uncovers a series of suspicious deaths of former rock stars. Tagger’s pursuit of the truth leads him into a world of intrigue and danger, where he must navigate the music industry’s secrets and lies. Hiaasen’s wit and insight into media culture provide a compelling backdrop for this thrilling mystery novel.


“Skinny Dip”

In “Skinny Dip,” Hiaasen explores betrayal, revenge, and resilience themes. After her husband tries to kill her during a cruise, Joey Perrone miraculously survives and seeks revenge.

With the help of an ex-cop and a hermit, Joey orchestrates a plan to expose her husband’s dark secrets. The novel combines elements of comedy and suspense, showcasing Carl Hiaasen’s talent for creating memorable characters and intricate plots.

“Nature Girl”

“Nature Girl” centers around Honey Santana, a customer service representative with a penchant for revenge. Santana orchestrates a misadventure for an obnoxious telemarketer, leading them into the heart of the Florida wilderness.

The novel explores themes of redemption, self-discovery, and the healing power of nature. Hiaasen’s vibrant characters and lush descriptions immerse readers in the beauty and danger of the natural world.

“Star Island”

“Star Island” delves into the dark side of fame and celebrity culture. The novel follows Cherry Pye, a pop star whose constant need for publicity leads her into bizarre encounters and a kidnapping situation.

Amidst the chaos, a paparazzo named Bang Abbott seeks to exploit Cherry’s predicaments for his gain. Carl Hiaasen’s satire and keen observations provide a scathing critique of the entertainment industry and its societal impact.

“Sick Puppy”

In “Sick Puppy,” Hiaasen introduces readers to Twilly Spree, an environmental lawyer determined to save the Florida Everglades from destruction.

Twilly faces off against corrupt politicians and a demented eco-terrorist, highlighting the complexities of environmental activism and the moral ambiguity of his methods. The novel combines environmental advocacy with dark humor, creating a compelling narrative that challenges societal norms.

“Bad Monkey”

One of his well-known contemporary fiction works is “Bad Monkey.” It tells the story of Andrew Yancy, a former detective turned restaurant inspector in Florida. The novel combines Hiaasen’s trademark wit and social commentary, making it an entertaining read for fans of contemporary fiction.

Discover which theme best reflects modernist writers’ ideals and innovative literary contributions.

In “Bad Monkey,” Hiaasen combines dark humor and mystery. The novel’s eccentric characters and unpredictable plot twists create a captivating reading experience, showcasing Hiaasen’s ability to blend comedy with crime fiction.

“Razor Girl”

“Razor Girl” explores the absurdities of modern life through its quirky characters and outrageous situations. The novel intertwines a car crash scheme, a celebrity reality show, and a con artist, resulting in Hiaasen’s signature mix of comedy and satire.

Through the lens of these eccentric personalities, Hiaasen offers a humorous and insightful commentary on contemporary culture and the lengths to which people will go for fame and fortune.

“Squeeze Me”

“Squeeze Me” takes readers on a wild ride through Florida’s political and social landscapes. When a prominent socialite mysteriously disappears after encountering an invasive species of Burmese pythons, chaos ensues in the high-society circles of Palm Beach.

Carl Hiaasen skillfully blends satire, mystery, and social commentary, offering a hilarious and thought-provoking critique of contemporary politics and the absurdities of the elite class.


“Powder Burn”

Hiaasen delves into crime and corruption in this collaborative effort with Bill Montalbano. The novel follows a small-town sheriff and a disillusioned Miami cop as they investigate a drug dealer’s murder, unraveling a complex web of deceit and danger.

Hiaasen’s sharp storytelling, combined with Montalbano’s expertise, creates a gripping narrative that explores the dark underbelly of law enforcement.

“Trap Line”

Continuing the story from “Powder Burn,” Hiaasen and Montalbano lead readers into the treacherous terrain of the Everglades. The same character returns, hunting down a drug lord amidst the natural beauty and danger of Florida’s wilderness. The novel combines suspense, action, and intricate plot twists, showcasing the authors’ ability to craft compelling crime fiction.

“A Death in China”

In this mystery novel, Hiaasen and Montalbano transport readers to mainland China, where an American businessman becomes embroiled in a murder case and a Chinese undercover police operation.

The novel explores cultural differences, international intrigue, and the complexities of justice in a foreign land. Hiaasen’s keen observations and Montalbano’s expertise in crime fiction create a captivating narrative that keeps readers on the edge.


“Kick-Ass” follows the journey of former football star Thomas McGuane as he embarks on an adventure to China.

Triggered by a mysterious letter found in his late uncle’s possessions, McGuane’s quest to find his uncle’s long-lost daughter leads him into a world of unexpected challenges and discoveries.

Hiaasen and Montalbano weave a tale of family, identity, and self-discovery, immersing readers in a captivating narrative of China’s diverse landscapes.

“Naked Came the Manatee”

This unique collaborative novel features contributions from various Florida-based authors, including Hiaasen and Dave Barry. Each section, written by a different author, adds a layer to the story, featuring a missing politician, a talking manatee, and a political conspiracy.

The novel’s unconventional structure and diverse writing styles create a humorous and engaging reading experience, offering readers a taste of the distinct voices of each author involved.

“Lucky You Movie Tie-In”

This re-release of “Lucky You” coincided with the novel’s movie adaptation. The tie-in edition allowed readers to delve into the story of JoLayne Lucks, who wins the lottery jackpot but finds herself entangled in a bizarre scheme involving a white supremacist and a reporter.

The novel’s exploration of fate, greed, and the complexities of human nature continues to captivate readers in this movie tie-in edition.

“Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World”

In this non-fiction work, Carl Hiaasen aims at Disney’s vast empire, critiquing the corporation’s influence on culture and society. Through sharp wit and incisive analysis, Hiaasen explores Disney’s far-reaching impact, shedding light on the corporation’s practices and the potential consequences for the world.

The book serves as a thought-provoking commentary on the power dynamics of the entertainment industry and corporate influence on popular culture.

“The Downhill Lie: A Hacker’s Return to a Ruinous Sport”

This book is still considered one of the best autobiographies ever written. In this autobiographical work, Hiaasen shares his journey with golf, detailing his obsession with the sport and his return to it after suffering an injury. Through humor and self-reflection, Hiaasen explores the challenges and joys of golf, offering insights into the mind of a passionate enthusiast.

The book combines anecdotes, observations, and a touch of satire, providing readers with a humorous perspective on the world of golf.

“Dance of the Reptiles: Rampaging Tourists, Marauding Pythons, Larcenous Legislators, Crazed Celebrities, and Tar-Balled Beaches: Selected Columns”:

In this collection of essays, Carl Hiaasen shares his columns from the Miami Herald, spanning over two decades of his career.

Hiaasen delves into various topics through his distinctive voice and sharp observations, including environmental issues, political absurdities, and societal challenges.

The essays give readers a glimpse into Hiaasen’s witty and insightful commentary, showcasing his talent for blending humor with social critique.

“The Edible Exile”

“The Edible Exile” is an official re-release of Hiaasen’s first novel, “Powder Burn,” published under his name. The book offers readers a chance to explore Hiaasen’s early work and witness the evolution of his writing style.

Set against the backdrop of crime and intrigue, the novel introduces readers to Hiaasen’s storytelling prowess, laying the foundation for his subsequent literary achievements.

“Assume the Worst”

This illustrated essay, co-authored with Roz Chast, humorously explores the absurdities of growing up, particularly aimed toward children graduating into the complexities of adulthood. Through witty illustrations and sharp wit, Hiaasen and Chast provide a satirical take on life’s challenges and uncertainties, offering readers a delightful and insightful perspective on the human experience.

“The Best American Mystery Stories”

Carl Hiaasen served as the guest editor for this volume of the popular anthology series, curating what he considered the best crime stories in recent years. Through his introductions and selections, Hiaasen provides readers with a curated collection of gripping and thought-provoking mystery stories, showcasing his discerning taste and expertise in the genre.

“The Cornwalls Are Gone”

In this thriller novel, co-authored with Brenda Novak, Hiaasen explores the disappearance of a DEA agent and his wife, leading to an investigation that uncovers an international conspiracy. \

The novel combines suspense, intrigue, and complex characters, offering readers a fast-paced and gripping narrative. Hiaasen and Novak’s collaboration results in a compelling thriller that keeps readers on the edge, exploring themes of loyalty, deception, and the pursuit of justice.


Hiaasen’s latest novel centers around a 14-year-old boy named Billy who stumbles upon the death of a large python killed by a car. As Billy investigates, he unravels a web of corruption and greed, leading him into the heart of Florida’s wilderness.

Through Billy’s eyes, Hiaasen explores themes of environmental conservation, courage, and the power of youth in the face of adversity.

“The Worst Noel”

This yet-to-be-released novel follows a Miami journalist named Brian Keyes, who learns about a political plot after covering a charity event that turns into a hostage situation.

In this novel, readers follow the journey of Miami journalist Brian Keyes. Brian finds himself embroiled in a political plot after covering a seemingly harmless charity event that unexpectedly turns into a hostage situation.

As Brian delves deeper into the intricacies of the situation, he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens his own life and the stability of the entire city.

Hiaasen’s sharp wit, compelling characters, and fast-paced storytelling promise readers an exhilarating reading experience filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Essential Elements and Detailed Insights

Book Title Main Character(s) Key Themes
Tourist Season Skip Wiley Identity, Patriotism, Idealism vs. Reality
Double Whammy R.J. Decker Corruption, Deceit, Danger
Skin Tight Mick Stranahan Murder, Intrigue, Social Commentary
Native Tongue Environmental Conservation, Corporate Greed
Strip Tease Erin Grant Power, Corruption, Maternal Protection
Stormy Weather Resilience, Human Nature, Survival
Lucky You JoLayne Lucks Greed, Fate, American Dream


These are just a selection of Carl Hiaasen’s popular novels. His books often feature offbeat characters, environmental themes, and a satirical take on modern society. Each novel provides a unique blend of crime, humor, and social commentary, making them entertaining reads for fans of dark humor and Florida-based crime fiction.

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