Edit Your Own Writing

How To Edit Your Own Writing?

Writing is hard, but don’t overlook the difficulty — and the importance — of editing your own work before letting others see it. Here’s how you can edit your own writing.  Writing and Editing your own Writing The main key to good writing and editing your own writing is what separates the quickly written, randomly

Wrong Book Editor

Don’t Waste Your Money on the Wrong Book Editor

Your first draft is completed. Now the natural writing process makes you long for a good editor. However, it would help if you kept in mind that hiring the wrong book editor will not do justice to your work. You need someone who understands your topic, realizes the potential of your writing, and is acquainted with the

Write A Book Proposal

How To Write A Book Proposal?

Have you been thinking of writing a book proposal of your own? But you might be thinking that is the time and effort worth it? Are you wondering how do the authors publish their books? Or maybe you have already written the book? And now you wonder how to get the most out of that

MLA Format in Writing

What is MLA Format in Writing?

MLA stands for Modern Language Association. According to the Modern Language Association, MLA format is a style and reference guide to structure a research paper, articles, books, journals, and documents.  What is MLA format? MLA Format and style guide present the rules and principles of citing the research papers for academic and creative writing purposes. Its a scholarly

APA Format in Writing

What Is APA Format in Writing?

What is APA? APA stands for the American Psychological Association.  According to its standards, the APA writing format is a style guide to organize research papers and articles, including journals and books. What is APA Style? APA style guide or the APA writing format establishes the principles for the academic, journalistic, or other written communication

What Makes Bad Writing Bad

What Makes Bad Writing Bad?

Introduction Regardless of your writing expertise or your level of writing, you want to avoid bad writing. Likewise, irrespective of your industry, you want to establish your authority as a good writer. So in this blog post, I’ll cover aspects that make your write-up look bad. We’ll discuss how bad writing is defined and share five best

Significant Writing Challenge

The Most Significant Writing Challenge

Everyone faces significant writing challenges when they pen down their thoughts. A writing method that works for a writer does not mean that the other writer would find it easy or vice versa. In this article, the writing challenge refers to the problems and issues that a writer may encounter while crafting a well-written piece.  Your write-up could

How To Hire A Ghostwriter?

How To Hire A Ghostwriter?

Figuring out how to hire a ghostwriter for your project can be an intimidating task. Working on a book with someone else implies that you will be sharing considerations and insights, solving issues, and attempting to mind-merge — all simultaneously. The sum of all this work can be a pretty intimate experience. Likewise, we can say it

Slay Your Writing Career

How Do You Slay Your Writing Career?

Knowing about being a successful writer is a kind of job that gold miners had back in the old days. Most of the writers don’t make a ton of money with their writing career. The writers who make a lot of money are the ones who sell many e-books and online courses that tell the

Screen writing

Hollywood Screen-Writers Reveal Their Screenwriting Process

All of Hollywood’s movie magic starts with the first draft, which evolves into a screenplay to fit the silver screen. Working on scripts for a feature film is a long and challenging screenwriting process that requires a degree of technical knowledge. With some sufficient study and practice of the standard Hollywood screenwriting process, though, you

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