The Selection Series in Order: Four Methods to Read in Sequence

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Kiera Cass is a well-known American author, best known for her popular young adult novels and series.

Cass developed a love for writing at a young age and pursued her passion. However, she pursued a degree in History from Radford University and later worked as a waitress, a coach, and a corporate recruiter.

She gained widespread recognition and acclaim for her debut novel, “The Selection Series,” a dystopian romance set in a kingdom called Illéa. The book was published in 2012 and quickly became a New York Times bestseller, captivating readers with its unique blend of a Cinderella-esque story, political intrigue, and a reality-show-style competition.

The selection was the first in a series of books that followed the lives of various female protagonists competing for the heart of a prince.

Early Life

Kiera Cass was born on May 19, 1981, in South Carolina, USA, where her love for stories and writing was nurtured from a young age. Growing up surrounded by books, Cass developed a passion for storytelling, weaving tales that transported her and her readers to far-off lands and fantastical adventures.

Her early life was marked by a curiosity for the world and a desire to express her imagination through the written word. Becoming a novelist wasn’t a smooth process.

Cass’s writing style is known for its development of relatable protagonists, romantic tension, world-building, and rebellion themes. She uses engaging and easy-to-read writing for age groups, making her work accessible and popular among young adults and adults.


Like many people who want to be writers, Kiera Cass had some problems. She often felt big problems like rejection and self-doubt, making her dreams seem impossible. Despite these problems, Cass continued working hard to improve her writing and find her style.

Finding it hard to get ahead in the business world only made her more determined. It taught her a lot about being strong and believing in your artistic vision is important.

She continued to pursue her passion for writing, eventually self-publishing a novel titled “The Siren” with the assistance of aself-publishing guide. Although her first attempt didn’t gain much attention, she later achieved success with her “The Selection” series.


Kiera Cass’s breakthrough came with the publication of her debut novel, “The Selection,” in 2012. This young adult dystopian romance novel captured readers’ hearts, becoming an instant bestseller and marking the beginning of a highly successful series.

A celebrated author, she stands as shining as the USA Today bestsellers. Cass has captured readers’ hearts worldwide through her enchanting storytelling and compelling characters.

Beyond her literary achievements, Cass’s works have been praised for their ability to resonate with readers of all ages, exploring themes of love, sacrifice, and self-discovery. Her writing has earned her a devoted fan base and numerous accolades, cementing her reputation as a talented storyteller in the literary world.

Four Methods of the Selection Series:

The Selection Series, comprising several sequels, novellas, and spin-offs, became a literary phenomenon, enchanting audiences with its compelling characters and intricate plotlines.


Method 1: Publication Order

The most straightforward way to read “The Selection Series” is in the order of publication. This method ensures that readers follow the narrative as intended by the author, allowing them to uncover the story’s twists and turns seamlessly. The books in this order are:

  • The Selection
  • The Elite
  • The One
  • The Heir
  • The Crown

Following the publication order provides readers with a chronological understanding of the events, character development, and plot arcs, making it a popular choice among fans of the series.

Method 2: Chronological Order

For readers who prefer a chronological approach, the Selection Series can be read based on the timeline of events within the story world. This method offers a unique perspective, allowing readers to explore the events in the order they occur within the series’ universe:

  • The Heir
  • The Crown
  • The Selection
  • The Elite
  • The One

Reading the series chronologically provides insights into the broader timeline of the story, showcasing how characters and events evolve.

Method 3: Character-Centric Order

Another engaging way to experience “The Selection Series” is by focusing on specific characters and their perspectives. This method allows readers to delve deeper into the lives of their favorite characters. Here’s an example of a character-centric reading order:

Based on the character-centric order, here are Kiera Cass’s books categorized based on the main characters:

America Singer’s Story:

  • “The Selection” – Published in 2012
  • “The Elite” – Published in 2013
  • “The One” – Published in 2014

Eadlyn Schreave’s Story:

  • “The Heir” – Published in 2015
  • “The Crown” – Published in 2016

Following the character-centric order, readers can connect more intimately with the protagonists, enhancing their emotional engagement with the series.

Method 4: Genre-Specific Order

For readers who enjoy exploring different genres and themes, Ghostwriting Founder has organized the list based on specific elements, such as romance, politics, or family dynamics, that can provide a refreshing reading experience.

Here’s an example of a genre-specific reading order:

Young Adult Dystopian Romance Series:

  • “The Selection” – Published in 2012
  • “The Elite” – Published in 2013
  • “The One” – Published in 2014
  • “The Heir” – Published in 2015
  • “The Crown” – Published in 2016

Companion Novellas and Short Stories:

  • “The Prince” (Novella) – Published in 2013
  • “The Guard” (Novella) – Published in 2014
  • “The Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard” (Novella) – Published in 2014.
  • “Happily Ever After: Companion to the Selection Series” (Novella) – Published in 2015

Stand-alone Novel:

  • “The Betrothed” – Published in 2020

Young Adult Fantasy Stand-alone Novel:

  • “The Siren” – Published in 2009

This method allows readers to focus on the aspects of the series that resonate most with their interests, providing a tailored and enjoyable reading experience.

Summary of All Books in The Selection Series:

“The Selection”:

Set in a dystopian world, “The Selection Series” introduces readers to America Singer, a young girl from a lower-class family who resides in the country of Illéa. The nation is divided into castes, with One being the highest and Eight being the lowest.

When the opportunity arises for girls from all castes to enter a competition called the Selection, America reluctantly decides to participate, hoping to win the heart of Prince Maxon and secure a better life for herself and her family.

As America navigates the ups and downs of palace life and forms a complicated relationship with Prince Maxon, she starts questioning her true feelings and the future she desires.

“The Elite”:

In the second book, “The Elite,” America is one of only five girls who made it to the next round of the selection process. As the race heats up, America is torn between her growing feelings for Prince Maxon and her love for Aspen, her secret lover back home.

Illéa is in danger of instability because of unrest and rebellion, so America has to face her doubts and make hard decisions that will affect her future and the lives of those she cares about.



“The One”:

“The One” continues America’s journey in the selection process, with three remaining girls competing for Prince Maxon’s heart. As the stakes increase and rebel attacks on the palace become more frequent, America must confront her fears and decide where her heart truly lies. This series installment is filled with suspense and emotional revelations as America fights for her chance at love and faces the challenges that come with it.




“The Heir”:

Fast forward twenty years after the events of the first three books, “The Heir” introduces a new protagonist, Princess Eadlyn, the daughter of America and Maxon. The story follows Eadlyn’s selection process as she reluctantly agrees to participate to distract the public from mounting political pressures.

Eadlyn is determined to be strong and independent. Still, as she grows closer to some of the suitors, she begins to question her initial dismissive attitude toward the selection and considers the true nature of love and partnership.

“The Crown”:

“The Crown” is the last book in Princess Eadlyn’s series. Illéa’s future and Eadlyn’s future are in her hands. She is under more and more public criticism and has more duties. Eadlyn has a harder time balancing her wants with what is expected of her as the future queen. She must face the results of her decisions and find a way to be happy and fulfilled.





“The Prince” (Novella):

Prince Maxon’s point of view. The story occurs during the first book of “The Selection” series. It’s a character-centric look at Prince Maxon’s thoughts, emotions and behavior towards the 35 Selected girls. The novella also provides more insight into Maxon’s background, family dynamics, and relationships with his parents and staff.

Through Maxon’s perspective, readers can understand him more and see how deeply he cares for the girls in the selection, including America Singer, the book’s main protagonist.


“The Guard” (Novella):

“The Guard” is another companion novella to the Selection Series, but this time, it’s told from Aspen Leger’s point of view. Aspen is America’s first love interest, and this novella provides more backstory into his life, relationships with other characters, and feelings towards America.

In this novella, we learn more about Aspen’s intense love for America, his past, and how he deals with the competition for America’s heart with Prince Maxon. Overall, “The Guard” adds depth and complexity to Aspen’s character and provides a more complete view of his role in the series.

“Happily Ever After”:

It is a companion book to the Selection Series by Kiera Cass. It is a collection of novellas and bonus material that expands upon the original series.

The book includes several novellas that shed light on different characters and provide additional insights into their stories. These novellas cover various perspectives, giving readers more depth and background information about beloved characters.

Fiction short stories like “The Queen,” which is set in “Happily Ever After,” show how Maxon’s mother, Amberly, lives and thinks. This helps people understand the queen’s story and how she felt about King Clarkson.

“The Favourite,” another story, is about Marlee and what she goes through during the Selection process. It gives us a better look at her personality and the problems she has had in her personal life throughout the series.

“Happily Ever After” also has extra material, such as extra scenes and epilogues from the main books. These give the story a conclusion and more details about the characters and their lives after the original series.

“The Betrothed”:

“The Betrothed” is a historical romance novel in a fantasy world. It follows the story of Hollis Brite, whom the king and queen deem a perfect match for the prince. However, Hollis finds herself drawn to a stranger named Silas, a commoner who doesn’t fit the mold of a prince’s husband.

As she navigates royal politics, her alliance with the crown, and her blooming feelings, she must decide what’s more important – love or duty. This book explores themes of romance, duty, loyalty and love while highlighting the challenges and sacrifices that come with finding true love in the context of expectations and norms of society.

“The Siren”:

Kiera Cass’s debut novel, “The Siren,” is a stand-alone young adult fantasy novel. The story follows Kahlen, a Siren, who owes a debt to the Ocean and must lure humans to their deaths in the water. Kahlen has spent almost a century as a siren and has lost touch with the human world. But when she meets Akinli, a human boy with whom she falls in love, she has to choose between her responsibility to the Ocean or her new-found love.

The book explores themes of love, loyalty, morality, and sacrifices. It’s a wonderfully written and engaging story that highlights the consequences of being forever bound to the sea and the limitations it brings to her life.

Main Attributes and Elaborate Information

Aspect Details Specifics
Early Life Born on May 19, 1981, in South Carolina, USA Developed a love for storytelling and writing from a young age
Education & Early Career Degree in History from Radford University Worked as a waitress, a coach, and a corporate recruiter
Debut Novel “The Selection Series” published in 2012 A dystopian romance; became a New York Times bestseller
Writing Style Known for relatable protagonists and romantic tension Focuses on world-building and rebellion themes
Struggles Faced rejection and self-doubt Self-published “The Siren” before the success of “The Selection” series
Achievements “The Selection” became an instant bestseller Celebrated as a USA Today bestseller; resonates with a wide audience
Series Structure Multiple reading methods for “The Selection Series” Includes Publication Order, Chronological Order, Character-Centric Order, and Genre-Specific Order


Cass has continued to captivate readers with her compelling storytelling and engaging characters. Her books often explore themes such as love, duty, sacrifice, and self-discovery in settings that range from dystopian societies to historical fantasy worlds.

Her ability to transport readers into fantastical worlds sets Cass apart as an author through her vivid descriptions, relatable characters, and witty dialogue. Her writing style is accessible and addictive, making her books well-loved by readers of all ages.

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