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Can you believe it’s already been eleven years since Colleen Hoover first graced the world with Slammed? Since then, she’s written over a dozen novels and novellas, each of which has been met with critical acclaim. Her work has been called the best of YA by the New York Times and fresh by USA Today.

But where do you start if you’re new to her books (or just looking for a new one to read)? Here are some of our favorite Colleen Hoover books.

Who is Colleen Hoover:

Colleen Hoover is a popular author who writes captivating stories that touch people’s hearts. She’s from the United States and has written many books that readers worldwide love.

Her books cover different genres like romance, young adult fiction, and contemporary fiction. Colleen Hoover’s writing stands out because of her ability to create relatable characters and emotional plots that keep readers hooked from start to finish.

Colleen worked various jobs before starting her writing journey, including social work. Her experiences in life, combined with her love for storytelling, inspired her to start writing books.

One of her most famous books is Slammed, which gained much attention and marked the beginning of her successful writing career.

Colleen Hoover’s books often tackle important themes like love, relationships, mental health, and overcoming challenges. Readers appreciate her writing because it feels real and heartfelt. Many people find comfort and inspiration in her stories because they address genuine emotions and struggles people face.

Overall, Colleen Hoover is a talented author whose books have touched the lives of many readers worldwide, making her a beloved figure in literature.

10 books to read if you like Colleen Hoover:

You might like our Colleen Hoover picks if you enjoy stories about emotions, friendships, and love. These stories are about people facing challenges and finding ways to be strong, kind, and understanding.

Let’s take a closer look at some of Colleen Hoover Picks that tell interesting and emotional stories:

1. It Ends with Us

In It Ends with Us, we meet Lily, a strong woman who faces difficulties in her relationships. This book is about how she learns to be brave and make tough decisions when faced with challenges.

It talks about love, strength, and the importance of making choices that are best for oneself. The story teaches us that it’s okay to walk away from something that hurts us, even if it’s hard, and that standing up for oneself is important.

This is also one of our Hoover picks that got so famous, especially all over TikTok with trending bookstagram hashtags, that a movie is coming out based on it in 2024. Script writing professionals will take this book and make it appropriate for the movie, which may cause them to exclude some scenes, so don’t just wait for the movie but read the book first.

2. Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday tells the story of Sydney and Ridge, who connect through music. Sydney discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her and moves in with Ridge, a musician.

As they collaborate on music together, they develop feelings for each other. This book is about friendship, trust, and second chances.

It shows us that sometimes unexpected friendships can turn into something beautiful and that music has the power to bring people closer.

3. Hopeless

Hopeless introduces us to Sky, who has led a sheltered life but soon discovers shocking truths about her past. As she navigates through these revelations, she also learns about love, trust, and finding happiness.

This book highlights the importance of trust in relationships and how understanding the truth can lead to healing and moving forward. It teaches us that sometimes the past can be painful, but it’s essential to face it to find peace within oneself.

4. November 9

November 9 follows the story of Fallon and Ben, who meet on November 9th every year. Their relationship evolves and changes as they deal with various challenges.

The book explores the ups and downs of relationships, the power of forgiveness, and how people can surprise us. It shows us that life is full of unexpected twists; sometimes, the people we least expect can become important parts of our lives.

5. All Your Perfects

In All Your Perfects, Colleen Hoover delves into the story of Quinn and Graham, a married couple facing difficulties in their relationship. The book navigates through their struggles with infertility, portraying the challenges they endure and how it affects their marriage.

It’s a touching narrative emphasizing the importance of understanding, patience, and unconditional love in difficult times. This story teaches us about the strength of relationships and the significance of supporting each other during tough moments.

6. Confess

Confess revolves around Auburn, who finds herself drawn to Owen, an artist with a unique way of connecting with people. As secrets and confessions come to light, Auburn and Owen’s relationship evolves amidst the complexities of their pasts.

This book is about honesty, love, and the impact of shared experiences. It teaches us about the power of expressing our truths and how being honest with ourselves and others can lead to deep connections.

7. Ugly Love

Ugly Love tells the story of Tate and Miles, two individuals dealing with their emotional scars. As their relationship unfolds, they confront past wounds and learn to navigate the complexities of love and heartache.

This book explores the impact of past experiences on present relationships and how healing from the past is necessary for finding happiness in the present. It shows us that sometimes love can be messy and painful, but healing is possible with time and understanding.

8. Slammed

Slammed introduces us to Layken, a young girl dealing with significant changes in her life after her father’s death. She navigates through new challenges and connects with her neighbor, Will.

The story revolves around love, family, and coping with difficulties. It teaches us the importance of resilience, friendship, and finding hope even in tough times. The book is a beautiful portrayal of personal growth and the power of love in overcoming hardships.

9. Losing Hope

In Losing Hope, Colleen Hoover revisits the story from Hopeless but from a different perspective, offering new insights into the characters’ lives. It is a part of its trilogy, which can be excellent for your book club books.

This book focuses on Holder’s journey, revealing his emotions, struggles, and experiences. It delves deeper into trauma, healing, and the significance of finding closure. It emphasizes the importance of understanding others’ perspectives and how sharing our stories can lead to healing.

10. Point of Retreat

As a sequel to Slammed, Point of Retreat continues Layken’s story as she faces new challenges and learns to deal with past mistakes.

The book explores themes of love, forgiveness, and moving forward. It teaches us about the complexities of relationships and how learning from our mistakes can lead to personal growth. This story emphasizes the importance of second chances and the strength found in forgiveness.

Main Attributes and Elaborate Information

Book Title Brief Description Key Themes
It Ends With Us Lily’s journey through tough decisions in relationships, emphasizing self-love and bravery. Movie adaptation expected in 2024. Love, Strength, Making Tough Choices
Maybe Someday Sydney and Ridge’s story of friendship, trust, and second chances through their connection with music. Friendship, Trust, Unexpected Relationships
Hopeless Sky’s discovery of shocking truths about her past, highlighting the importance of trust and facing painful realities. Trust, Uncovering the Past, Finding Happiness
November 9 Fallon and Ben’s evolving relationship on November 9th each year, exploring the unpredictability of life and unexpected connections. Relationships, Forgiveness, Unexpected Twists
All Your Perfects Quinn and Graham’s struggle with infertility, portraying the strength of love and support during challenging times. Infertility, Patience, Unconditional Love
Confess Auburn and Owen’s relationship shaped by secrets and confessions, emphasizing the power of honesty and shared experiences. Honesty, Love, Impact of Shared Experiences
Ugly Love Tate and Miles navigating emotional scars, exploring the complexities of love and healing from past experiences. Love, Heartache, Healing from the Past


Our Ghostwriting Founder team, who helped curate this list, hopes this list has given you a few ideas for your next book reading session. We highly recommend any of these titles if you’re looking for a good book to read. They’re all well-written and engaging.

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